Swimming Classes for Kids, toddlers and Adults

Swimming is one of the most important skills which helps you to keep fit and relax. At coursecrown's Swimming classes in Delhi, you will learn swimming with confidence and ease. We offer swimming classes for kids, adults, toddlers and ladies. It is one of the unique skill in which, you and your entire family can learn and master in it. Our main aim is to give swimming lessons and make you master by giving swimming training in a safe and serene environment.

Children of all ages and their parent will take swimming lessons from trained instructors. The inclusion of parent is mandatory because they can help their kids to learn water safety, water adjustment along with use of floats. These swimming lessons is a wonderful exploration experience for both adults and kids.

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Live Training
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Swimming Lessons for Toddlers

We will Make swimming easy to toddlers by our instructor led one to one training


Swimming Lessons for Babies

Give your baby a water safety skills because it is good to start early!


Swimming Lessons for Kids

Our private classes can help your child achieve and exceed their swimming goals.


Swim Lessons for Adults

Take benefit from our special swimming classes designed for adults.

What Will You Get?

Swimming Lessons

Our Swimming lesson which are delivered by expert instructors are equally beneficial for kids, toddlers, and adults. You can take swimming lessons in day, evening and weekends it is all for your convenience

Water Safety

According to a survey people between the ages of 2 to 25, drowning is the second primary reason of accidental deaths. In such scenario learning water safely becomes more important. In this training program you will learn how to make yourself safe in water.

Pool Management

Get pool management skills which will enhance the safety levels, and avoid the risk factors. This training is also important because by learning pool management you can ensure the customer service if you are a pool owner or looking for job in this field.


We provide makeup classes if you miss you class, but you have to inform us before your scheduled class timings.

You will learn different techniques of swimming from basic to advanced level of swimming. You will learn how to swim in a lane, circle swim, different techqniues like, crawling, breast stroke, front crawl, snorkeling, dog paddle etc.

Our pools are monitored by instructors or mentors and the make sure in evry hour that our water is clean and safe.

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