Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi

The Digital Marketing Certification is a Global Certification standard in Digital Marketing. Our main motive is to train you to get all Google Ad words certification, Yes Google Ad words certification. Our google Certified trainer will train you with 10+ case studies & by implementing these strategy into the live projects, is what makes it the best digital marketing course in India.

What you will Learn in Digital Marketing Course Delhi NCR?

In this Digital Marketing Training program, you will learn how to develop complete digital marketing plan across all channels and how to generate positive ROI for the Business. We train our students and give theoretical and practical knowledge through live projects. We give 24/7 supports to our students, so whenever you have any problem you can ask anytime. Our experts will solve all your doubts and will teach you basic to advance level of Internet Marketing.

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Module of Digital Marekting Course

Module 1

A Complete overview of Digital Marketing, role of data, and KPI in online business. You will also get the information about business model, role of segments and objectives of Internet Marketing.

  • Objectives of Internet Marketing
  • Benefits of digital marketing
  • SEO Overview
  • PPC Overview
  • SMM overview
  • Goals of Digital Marketing

Module 2

Advance Search engine techniques to rank top of the search result page by working on live projects. Learn SEO from scratch and know how to plan SEO campaign for any business verticals with our SEO course in delhi.

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Learning Types of SEO
  • White Hat
  • Grey Hat
  • Introduction to Grey hat Techniques
  • Black Hat
  • Introduction to Black Hat Techniques
  • What are the techniques of SEO?
  • On Page SEO
  • Title Tag optimization
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Header Tag Optimization
  • URL Optimization
  • Sitemap Creation And submission(XML, HTML, Text)
  • Image & Alt Tag Optimization
  • Canonical Issue Resolving
  • 404 Error Optimization
  • How to Do internal Linking
  • Robots.txt File Creation & Submission
  • Site Loading Optimization
  • Fixing Broken links
  • JavaScript Optimization
  • CSS Optimization
  • How to do keyword research with tools
  • Long Tail Keyword Analysis
  • Off Page SEO
  • Importance of off page SEO
  • Directory Submission
  • Forum Posting
  • Image Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Blog Posting
  • Article submission
  • Blog commenting
  • Classified posting
  • Search engine submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • RSS Feeds
  • Link Baiting
  • Business Reviews
  • Yahoo Answer
  • Link Exchanging
  • Crawl Budget optimization
  • Difference Between do follow and no follow
  • Local Listing
  • Infographic Submission
  • How to increase domain authority & page authority
  • Profile Link Creation
  • Optimizing according to Search Engine Algorithm
  • Google Panda
  • Google Penguin
  • EMD Update
  • Hummingbird update
  • Caffeine update
  • Payday update
  • Pirate Update
  • Pigeon Update
  • Top Heavy Update

Module 3

Know the importance of PPC, Learn to create and manage pay per click campaigns over Google & Bing. Our Google Certified trainer will train you for getting conversion in lower cost via PPC with our PPC training in delhi.

  • Introduction to pay per click
  • Introduction to Google ad words
  • Create and managing campaigns on Ad words
  • Creation and optimization of Google ads
  • Display Ads, Video Ads, Text Ads
  • How to do bidding on Google
  • Geo Targeting
  • Making remarketing Campaigns
  • Tracking Campaigns
  • Optimizing CPC

Module 4

Analyze and measure the success of your paid or organic campaign with Google analytics. Know how you can engage your visitors and how to optimize low converting pages by integrating google webmaster tool with analytics.

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Website Traffic Tracking
  • Understanding about Data
  • Understanding Segment
  • Filter, Multi Channel Funnel Reports
  • Making reports
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Making and setting up goals

Module 5

Master the art of transforming a website into BRAND, Learn how you can leverage your social media visitor to take action on your website at our digital technology institute.

  • Introduction To social Media
  • Creating Social Media Pages & Optimization
  • Increasing Business awareness Using Social Media
  • How to Target Potential Customers
  • Increase Likes, Followers, Social Shares
  • Importance of Social Media for Improving SEO
  • Creating Offers
  • Making Strategies That Works
  • Module 6

    Learn how to plan a websites and how to create a highly engaging websites that converts visitors into customer.

    • Designing your own website
    • Optimizing CSS, JavaScript and html coding
    • Purchasing Domain Name For Website
    • Familiar about Hosting
    • Familiar to CPanel
    • Website Designing Tools

    Module 7

    What is Affiliate Marketing & How Does It Works? A Step-by-Step Guide to Earn money from Affiliate marketing, building a niche website and the art of earning via referrals and commission based sale.

    • Introduction to Affiliate marketing
    • Creating Affiliate Links
    • Creating Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

    Module 8

    Get expert hands on one of the best website monitoring tool of Google. Know the importance of Google Webmaster, and how it can help your website to transform into a authority sites.

    • Introduction to Search Console
    • Adding property To Google Search Console
    • Analyzing Keywords
    • Website Error Checking and fixing

    Module 9

    Learn to create and manage product listing ads. Strategies to improve your increase store traffic, boost sales & generate more profits through ecommerce Marketing.

  • Ecommerce marketing strategy
  • Case Study
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Module 10

    Everyone is using mobile for searching and purchasing in these days, get tips influence and engage users on the mobile device and mobile apps. Learn to Create, target and measure your campaign's success.

    • Introduction to Mobile Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing Campaign Creation
    • Text Message Marketing

    Module 11

    Learn how to grow your email list, the art of creating targeted emails. Overview of popular email marketing platform and measuring results of an Email Marketing Campaign.

    • Intro to Email marketing
    • Using Email Marketing Tools
    • Campaign Making & Tracking
    • Building List of Customers Emails
    • HTML Mail Creation
    • How To Send Email in Bulk
    • Creation of Effective Emailer

    Module 12

    As you know "Content is king" so let's learn to create a content that others want to share. Know the Importance of search friendly content, and tips to make your content more Engaging & unforgettable.

    • How to write SEO friendly & relevant content
    • What is Keyword Density?
    • What is Keyword Proximity?
    • What is Keyword Prominence?
    • How to effectively Promote Content?
    • Understand Why Content Marketing Is Important in Lead Generation

    Module 13

    In This Digital Marketing Training Course Learn to use the blend of content, social media and search engine optimization to attract more customers for your Business. Learn how to Know the need of customers and build trust and credibility.

    • Fundamentals of Inbound marketing
    • Inbound Marketing Campaign Creation
    • Preparing for Hub spot Inbound Marketing certification

    Module 14

    Learn the importance of video in Digital marketing. get information about video creation, how to rank on search results, sharing and measuring the results of your video promotion.

    • Making, Editing Videos
    • Promoting Videos by Blog
    • Hands on experienced on video marketing tools
    • Posting Videos on YouTube & Optimizing

    Module 15

    Prepare yourself for Google certification in Search, fundamental, display, video, analytics, mobile, shopping advertising under the guidance of Google Certified trainers.

    • Intro to Google adwords
    • Basic Terminology
    • Intro to Ad words Advanced Features
    • Practical Training of Ad words
    • Study material for Ad words
    • Google shopping
    • Google Ad words advance Search
    • Intro To Google ad words mobile advertising
    • Intro To Google ad words video advertising

    Module 16

    Creation of first Facebook ads, budget Allocation, geographical targeting, remarketing, pixel tracking along with a complete overview of each and every objective.

    • Account Creation on Facebook Adverts
    • Familiar with Adverts Dashboard
    • Calculating ROI
    • Targeting Audience Location Wise
    • Lead Generation by face book adverts
    • App Promotion By face book adverts
    • Facebook certification training
    • Facebook Post Engagement

    Module 17

    Learn how to start a blog, and how to chose the best blogging platform. know the common mistakes and monetization of a blog to earn money.

    • How to Create a Blog
    • How To Select a Domain name for Blog?
    • Blog Content Posting
    • Applying for Ad sense
    • Getting Approval from Ad sense
    • Ad sense Ads Optimization
    • Earning Money From Ad sense

    Module 18: Earn Money as Freelancer

    the Internet. In this module, you will learn how to grab freelancing SEO, SMO, PPC and ORM projects, and a complete knowledge of online Business.

    • Introduction to Freelancing
    • Grabbing Projects
    • Building Connection
    • Managing Clients
    • Managing Pricing, reputation
    • Making Strategies Sell & Promote

    Module 19

    Stand out from your competitors, know what your competitors are doing to generate revenue from the internet and get expert hands-on different competitor analysis tools.

    • Knowing Your Niche
    • Knowing About Who Your Competitor Are?
    • Competitor Investigation
    • Competitor Analysis From Different Tools
    • SEO/SEM Monitor & Analysis

    Module 20

    There are more than 2 million apps in the major app stores, learn how to optimize your app into Google play store and various techniques for marketing your app.

    • Introduction to ASO
    • Familiar to ASO Techniques
    • Increasing Traffic to the App
    • Mobile App Tools
    • Increasing App Revenues
    • Monitoring Keywords Rankings

    Module 21

    In this module, you will get a Complete overview of Growth Hacking, and key hacks to your website that will directly affect the conversions. you will also learn to make growth Hacking strategy for any business.

    • What is Growth Hacking?
    • Audience Defining & Growth Strategy
    • Online Community Development
    • Growth hacking master class

    Module 22

    Learn the etiquettes of online business and art to manage the online reputation of a brand in search engines, forums, news sites and major social media platforms.

    • Managing and tracking ORM
    • Getting Positive Review for Business
    • Removing and Managing Negative Reviews
    • Optimizing Business Profiles

    Module 23

    No one can deny the importance of storytelling in online business and planning of budget for different online campaigns. Get tips and insight from experts about budget planning.

    Module 24

    In this final module of digital marketing course, you will learn how to make digital marketing strategies. you will also learn from case studies and industry insights.


    Live Training

    Rated by Students

    Digital Marketing Certification Program

    We will make a bridge to fill the gap between traditional academia and current industry demands. The whole syllabus is taught in our institute by working digital marketing professionals and will give you latest and effective industry knowledge.

    Let's Talk about Your Career
    • Gain an Understanding of Today's Digital Marketing Industry
    • Identify key essentials that influence the online consumer.
    • Plan and Develop a Digital Marketing Campaign
    • Assess online Analytics & Measurement.
    • Learn team roles and Responsibilities in the Campaign Process.
    • Understand the use of Digital Marketing tools, Strategies, and tactics.
    • Best Practices and future trends of Online Marketing.

    Career after Internet Marketing Course

    This is the initial phase of a digital marketer or we can say "fresher" in short word. You will have to work in a team under team leader/ Manager. Your work would be research/analysis and the tasks which are given by managers and team leaders.

    • Experience: 0-1 Year
    • Salary: 12k-22k

    After having experience of more than 2 years and getting knowledge of a specific field like: SEO, SMO or PPC. You can get a job of specialist; you can work and make some decisions independently. You will still work under a team leader/manager.

    • Experience: 1-3 Years
    • Salary: 16k-28k

    After getting knowledge and if you acquired managing skills you will be promoted or can get a job of team leader. You will be managing a marketing team and making strategies that will be fruitful for organization.

    • Experience: 2-4 Years
    • Salary: 25k-40k

    You will be a skilled professional on this phase. Agencies-companies will hire as a consultant to discuss about strategies, plans with team leaders of digital marketing team. You can consult across multiple organizations at a time.

    • Salary: 32k-55k

    It is the last phase or we can say senior most profile of digital marketer. The task of digital marketing head is to improving the performance of marketing campaigns by assigning task to team leaders and include reporting to CEO/ Owner/management of a company Head would be responsible for success/failure of marketing campaigns.

    • Salary: 48k - 2.50 Lakh
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