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  • 26th August, 2017

How to Use chat & share with friends in the without closing the Youtube app

YouTube has launched a new sharing feature in the app for Android and iOS Phones users. Now there is more fun while watching video. Gone are the days when you had to send video link to your friends through e-mail or other social media tools. But now YouTube added a new feature. 

Here is how you can use YouTube’s Chat feature and share videos

With this additional feature, you simply need to invite your family and friends through a link. By adding friends you can chat with them and watch video at the same time.

You can comment and share your ideas about particular video; you can invite up to 30 people and chat at the same time. Initially, this feature was available only in US and Canada but now it can be use across the world. The element is advancing toward YouTube on the two iOS and Android, to clients around the world.


  • Easy to use
  • Chat while watching video
  • Invite friends and family through link
  • Can add up to 30 people
  • Send Videos

I know you must use this sort of app through Facebook messenger, but it’s quicker and easy to use if your friends want to share video and talk about a particular one.

The idea behind of this feature is to make YouTube more socialize across the world, it’s not clear yet how it will be preferred by people. This feature has tasted in the previous year, and, at the beginning of 2017. People love this new feature and getting benefited with the app itself.

If you don’t see this new feature in your YouTube app then it means you are using your old YouTube app, in this circumstances, you just need to update with new one. Once you update you will be able to use this new feature.

By looking this app you will find that YouTube has made some slight changes to the user interface for sharing, including the way the chat interface appears to users, and it made the video stick to the top of the chat when scrolling down.

It has the ability to allow, replying and chatting while users are watching any video. It gives the feature more of a real-time feels as you will be able to share your thoughts while watching video.

Video sharing and chat with friends across the world gives you extra benefit to connect with your close ones. As video has been most preferring activity on internet, now YouTube added more benefit as you get connect with your family and friends while watching your favorite video.

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