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  • 29th January, 2018

Best Vocational Courses in Delhi after 10th, 12th, and Graduation

Best Vocational Courses To Pursue After 12th

So have you made your mind what you want to do after 12th? Are you looking for the vocational courses that can get you your dream job? But confused which one will be the best for you? Don’t worry! Here in this blog, I will suggest you some of the best vocational courses that you can pursue after 12th.

Before listing the vocational courses here we will discuss a few details about what are vocational courses. We will also discuss the needs and benefits of vocational courses.

Vocational courses as the name suggest, are an educational discipline that aims to prepare a student for a specific vocation, profession or trade. Traditionally, vocational courses are non-academic & are related only to a specific vocation or trade. In vocational courses, theoretical aspects are not studied independently & impart only application based study.

Here is a video where Mr. Vikas is sharing the best vocational courses you can opt after class 12th-

The student can now opt for vocational courses after 12TH for short & long term courses like diplomas & degree.

There is a wider scope for students after 12TH standard as vocational courses are much diversified now.

Vocational courses tend to focus on many careers such as Cosmetology & foot technology, creative fields like graphic & web designing. They are also provided in skilled trades like heating & air conditioning, auto repair, plumbing, etc.

Why Is Vocational Training Really Important?

The employability of graduates of the traditional education system at present is a matter of great concern.

Across all streams, only 25% of Indian professionals have employable skills. This demonstrates the need for higher quality Vocational courses to prepare the youth for jobs.

Vocational courses are therefore the need of the hour in India as it increases the employability of today’s youth & it also supplements the formal education as well. India has the second highest working-age population(15-59 year) in the world. The skill set of this group plays an important role in the growth of the country. It is thus essential to provide sufficient skill training to make them productive.

How Is Vocational Education Beneficial?

  • Vocational courses help people to perform better at their jobs. Working professional get a chance to sharpen their skills while earning money from it at the same time.
  • Vocational courses are like introduction as it gets people ready for workplace en pursuing a job of his own choice environment which is very helpful while performing different tasks.
  • Vocational courses as the term itself denote, the student is specialized in a particular task, they have a better chance of getting employed as compared to others.
  • After 12TH standard vocational courses are like new gates for those students who are in a dilemma whether they should attend college or not.
  • One of the major benefit vocational courses offer is a career of one’s own choice. Many of us are caught in jobs that we don’t like. Maybe because of money or lack of alternatives. But someone pursuing vocational courses is already pursuing a job of his own choice.

Top 10 Vocational Courses after 10th, 12th and Graduation –

So here is a list of top 10 vocational courses(also available in Delhi) that can help you fulfill your dream.

  • Mobile Repairing – This is one of the best vocational course as you can learn the skill in comparatively small time duration and earn from it.
  • Computer repairing – This is similar to a mobile repairing course. The scope of such courses is increasing every day.
  • Digital marketing – This is a very vast and wide field. It covers many topics such as social media, content writing, SEO, etc.
  • SEO Course Search engine optimization is about the techniques to boost the rank of your website in the search engine result page. This field is evolving constantly and a trained professional can easily be paid well.
  • Photography – Photography is not about just taking pictures, it’s an art of capturing a moment. It’s a job that suits the creative ones.
  • Foreign Languages – As an effect of globalization foreign language learning is good for any type of international level business. With an opportunity to learn a new language, you can also learn about a new culture and earn from it as well.
  • Fashion Designing – To pursue a career in this field you must have a deep knowledge of fabric, colors, trend, etc. By doing this course you can get various job opportunities in many sectors.
  • Beauty courses(professional make and hair styling) – this is one of the fastest growing glamour industry. As more people are getting conscious about their looks (hairstyle and make up) job opportunities in this field are also increasing.
  • Catering Management – It is the business of providing food services at very remote places. This industry is speeding up these days and thus the job opportunities are also growing at the same rate.
  • Advertising and Marketing. – The goal of an advertiser is to increase the sales of the client by using different advertising techniques. There are various jobs in this field like production, media, research, and creative departments.

I know exams are completed, and you are searching for the vocational course. I personally recommend doing a vocational course in Delhi, it will add skill and you can mention it in your CV. I Hope this blog might have helped you to understand what are vocational courses and why they are important to us.


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