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  • 19th November, 2020

What is Twitter Fleets? Complete Guide Covering all about Fleets!

You still confused about what is Twitter fleet, how to get Twitter fleet or how to use it?

Twitter Fleets

Twitter fleets are “Fleets are Twitter’s own version of the ephemeral stories found on other platforms. They are tweets that disappear after 24 hours and cannot receive likes, retweets or public replies.”

A great way to start a conversation with the followers, you can leverage it for communication and promotion.

Twitter Fleets Video –

Here is a video covering what is Twitter Fleet and how you can use it –

If the fleet feature is not showing on your Twitter profile, then you must update your Twitter app.

Video Takeaways-

  • What are Twitter Fleets?
  • Who can see Twitter fleets?
  • How to use Twitter Fleets?
  • Image and Video Fleets
  • How to sent reaction to Fleets
  • Fleets not working solution

Last month LinkedIn also launched a new feature with a name Linkedin OFB, you can visit this post to know more about it.

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