Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow In 2018

Top Digital Marketing blogs to Bookmark Right Now

Digital Marketing is a rapidly changing industry. If you don’t read enough you are at constant risk of falling back.

But what reads? With such a huge number of digital marketing blogs, it is hard to decide which of them are really helpful.

So here is a list of top 10 digital marketing blogs which you must follow in 2018 that are original, reliable and essential for the marketing community.

  1. Marketing Land: Digital marketing news and views – 

The Marketing Land is one of the best digital marketing blogs to know new things about the digital marketing industry. They feature daily breaking news stories about almost every aspect of the digital marketing industry.

  1. MOZ: Search Engine Marketing –

If you are keen to know the news related to SEO or inbound marketing initiatives, the MOZ blog is one of the best to read.

It is full of useful blog posts on every element of tour SEO practice strategy.

  1. Kiss Metrics: Digital Marketing Stats and Studies –

It is a digital marketing blog which focuses particularly on making use of marketing analytics to improve results with time.The posts of this blog are based on testing and research of brands and what one can learn from them.

  1. Content Marketing Institute: Content Marketing –

In the digital marketing industry, content marketing has become one of the most popular topics in the last few years.Content Marketing Institute is one of the best blogs to follow content marketing trends and best practices.

  1. The Search Engine Journal –

As the name itself indicates, the articles of this blog go deep into the subject of search engine marketing. You can also find updates on search engine algorithms and useful SEO information.

  1. Econsultancy: Innovative and Latest Digital Marketing –

It is one of the top digital marketing blogs that cover all the aspect of internet marketing. Econsultancy always has it covered when it comes to innovation in digital marketing’

  1. Social Media Examiner: Social Media –

As the name suggests, this blog will provide you with all what it takes for your social media strategies. If you are struggling to a make profit from social media, you will find this blog really helpful.

  1. Convince and Convert: Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies –

This blog offers a variety of resources like e-books, podcasts, and blog. Their articles provide very useful tips for digital marketing.

  1. Buffer –

This blog focuses primarily on social media advice. They are best known for well-researched posts that provide in-depth knowledge of the topic.

  1. Copyblogger –

If you wish to build your content marketing strategy, Copyblogger is one of the best digital marketing blogs. The articles of this blog provide the point information.

These are few of the best digital marketing blogs that you must follow in 2018 if you don’t want the risk of falling back in the marketing community.

Hope this list will help you gain enough knowledge of the rapidly changing digital marketing industry.

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