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A Software Testing Professionals list of Top 10 Automation Testing Tools

A Software Testing Professionals list of Top 10 Automation Testing Tools

A comprehensive list of Most trending automation tools that are used for Software testing

Software testing is one of the important phases of Software development Life cycle. The term automation testing is explained as the execution of predefined test cases and getting results without and human interventions.

Nowadays there are many tools are available in the market which makes test automation, and the success of automation testing depends on the using the right tool. Whether it is a functional test, integration test, api test or any other test, having a automation testing tool in a test management saves time and effort.

Things to consider before choosing any automation software testing tool –

The selection of software testing tool totally depends on the requirement of project and budget. some Free tools are also available in the market, although they have some Limitation. But you can use it if it fits your needs.

Top 10 Automation Testing Tools that Every Software Testing Professional Should Know:

Software market has an adequacy of open source automation tools to chose from, but sometimes choosing the ideal one becomes fiddly.

In this post, I am sharing a curated list of best Automation testing tools to help all the software testing professionals-

  2. Test Complete
  3. Selenium
  4. Test Studio
  5. IBM Rational Functional Tester
  6. Appium
  7. Robotium
  8. Cucumber
  9. Watir
  10. BlazeMeter

1. – is a cloud service that leverages machine learning for the execution and maintenance of Test automation and makes you Continuous Delivery ready.

It uses dynamic locators and updates itself with every test execution. It has collaborated between Dev, product and quality assurance.

Special Feature – uses the patent pending algorithm, it means your tests are agile like your software product and it will improve the quality of software after each test.

Users – Netapp, Verizon Wireless, are the major user of

2 . TestComplete –

It is a Smart Bear’s Automated testing solution which allows users to rapidly create powerful, reusable and time-Saving GUI automation test.

 It is the only automation testing tool which offers TestComplete Visualizer, where you can record the tests and modify and quickly update your test procedures and create checkpoints. The functionality to record test makes it the first choice for app developers.

Special Feature – It is easy to use and test for the users who are not from a technical background and best to test mobile, web and desktop application testing.

Free Trial – Yes, TestComplete offers 30 days free trial, also offers a training session for Free.

3 . Selenium –

Selenium is the first choice of any software testing professionals. Its functionality of executing tests in multiple browsers and operating systems makes it stand out from the crowd. It makes the functional test easy and authentic.

Note: There are two parts of Selenium Testing tool: Web Driver and IDE.

If you want to create robust web based regression test and want to scale and distribute scripts than Web driver will be best suited your needs.
And to create quick bug reproduction scripts and want to exploratory testing then Selenium IDE is the perfect for you.

Special Feature – Selenium is all in one testing solution which is compatible with several programming languages and automation testing frameworks.

4 . Test Studio –

Telerik Test Studio is an automation testing tool by Telerik, it allows test scheduling, executing in parallel and its vigorous test reporting makes it perfect testing tool.

You can test web, desktop and web application via Test studio. The best part of this tool is its point and click test recorder functionality.

Compatibilities –

  • Supports HTML, AJAX, Asp.NET, JavaScript and MVC.
  • Cross browser testing.
  • Integration with bug tracking tools.

Best for – GUI and API testing.
Free Trial – Yes, 30 days

5 . IBM Rational Functional Tester –

A commercial Testing tool from IBM which supports a range of development environments including Siebel, SAP, Java, Flex dojo etc. IBM Rational Functional Tester supports functional, regression, GUI and data driven testing along with 2 scripting languages Java and VB.Net.

This tool from IBM makes integration tests easy and saves the time of software testing professionals which directly increase the productivity of an organization.

Features –

  • RFT integrates with IBM’s Test Management Tool which is often known as a rational quality manager.
  • Storyboard testing is an another feature of RFT where the user can record the series of test screenshots.
  • RFT uses script assure technology which improves the efficiency of Testing.

6 . Appium –

An automation testing tool specially designed for the mobile application, Appium is an open source tool which supports native, hybrid and mobile applications. In recent years, it was widely popular and now it becomes the leading mobile automation testing tool.

However, it is the best mobile application testing tool but it only performs well when the quality analysis tests are using simulators. One more limitation of Appium is its basic support for real device testing.

Special Feature –
• It is based on Client server architecture.
• Easy to install and use.
• Cross platform script development.
• It Supports multiple languages.

7 . Robotium –

An open source testing framework designed especially for android application testing. Robotium is best uses for system, functional and acceptance test scenario.

 The best part of this automation testing tool is its ability to create powerful and fast automation scenario.

Points to Remember –
• It’s listed under Apache License 2.0.
• It supports both native and hybrid applications
• It provides a real environment for execution of tests.
• Automation of pre-installed apps is possible

8 . Cucumber –

It is also an open source testing tool which is designed over the concept of Behavior- driven development. It is one of the best tools for acceptance testing, which defines the behavior of the application.

 In its initial phase it was scripted in Ruby but now it supports Java, Perl, PHP and.Net languages.

Key points –
• Cucumber is also used along with Selenium and Capybara.
• It supports cross-platform OS.
• it is easy to understand and contains business functionality.

9 . Watir –

Watir, An open source testing tools which is used to automate web browser testing. It was initially developed by Bret Pettichord and Paul Rogers.

Although it is leading tests web tool for browser testing, to use and distribute the task user must have programming knowledge of Ruby.


  • You can access Frames and Pop-ups using API.
  • Watir is easy to debug and uses simple algorithms
  • It supports parallel execution which makes it time-saving
  • It supports Cross browser testing.

10 . Blazemeter –

Blazemeter is a commercial testing tool which is used for Performance Testing. It was founded in 2011 and later acquired by CA Technologies. It gives the functionality to easily set up API and compatible with JMeter. If you have not used Blazemeter yet, then I must recommend placing in your automated testing software list.

Blazemeter is quietly popular for interactive website testing, scalability testing, and virtual user traffic testing and highly popular in between web developers and app developers. The automation testing tools of CA technologies supports both mobile web apps and native apps.

Free Trial  – Yes,

Automation testing is an intricate task, it needs a lot of research and preparation. But having a  good knowledge of software tool to automate testing can make you more accurate and effective.

 I hope you love this post, Let us know if you have any queries on automation Testing Tools we listed in this article.


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