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  • 11th May, 2017

What can you learn through PPC Course in Noida ?

PPC, also known by the name of paid search engine marketing is one of the effective means to enhance online visibility. There are digital marketing institutes that offer to learn classes all about setting up of an online advertising campaign that is displayed on SERPs that are search engine result pages. Here, through this article, we will focus on what can you learn through PPC courses or Pay-Per-Click course certification?

Professional PPC Techniques:

Like TV and Radio ads, online advertising is also a form of product/service promotion to attract many visitors and audience as possible. To start with, single or multiple search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc is selected as a promotion platform. After this, the work is done according to the specific guidelines of that particular search engines. However, PPC course techniques are not that easy. It includes managing and surviving the campaign. To cover up some of the concepts, we are bringing forth some of the topics that are a must in the Pay-Per-Click campaign.

1 . Ad Groups and Ads in PPC:

We are covering this topic considering Google AdWords concept. Each campaign can be made of one or more than one ad groups. These ad groups help in organizing the ads specifically for a common theme. Our PPC training course in Noida tells exactly the how to organize ad groups, the creation of different types of ads and other types of optimizations.

2 . Bidding Management in PPC:

Bid management in PPC is an art! This segment is crucial for the both the company running the PPC and search engines. An expert PPC master is hired for bid management who controls the budget and focus on:

  • Quality Score and its Effect on ad positions
  • Increasing the Ad Position
  • How to Bid for a Particular Ad Position
  • Importance of the Techniques used in Bidding

3 . Creating Complete PPC Campaign:

Many institutes offering courses on internet marketing Delhi covers live examples of running PPC campaign. Managing and setting up of online ads may have different motives but all want the same result that is profit and to gain potential customers. With a PPC course in Noida, professionals can learn –

  • Setting Up of Campaign.
  • Adwords Account Structure.
  • Ad Groups in the Campaign.
  • Using MCC (My Client Centre).
  • Concepts on CTR, CPC, CPA, and CPM.
  • Impression Shares.
  • Techniques for Increasing CTR & Conversions.
  • Tracking Code.

Apart from above, a PPC course student can easily learn about PPC campaign tools, reporting, the concept of a landing page, keyword research, and much more. This single profession has many things to do and bucks to money to earn. PPC training course in Noida is one course that goes in depth with digital marketing or internet marketing arena. Hence, for a secure, challenging and money minded professionals internet/online ads market is a game to play!

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