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  • 11th February, 2018

Social Media Marketing Course in Delhi

Update your social media knowledge, not your status.

Join the best Social Media Marketing Course in Delhi!

Quickly discover the foundations behind social media marketing and how you can adopt the practices into your own communications mix.

Want to get up to speed with the latest trends, techniques, and technologies in social media? This course will help craft your own social media campaign through planning, execution, and optimization.

We offer a variety of digital and social media marketing courses online & in-class. Check them out and find which one is most relevant to you.

Duration: 45 days

Learn to:

  • Identify all the major social channels
  • Employ effective social media planning
  • Tailor content to the appropriate channel
  • Engage the right consumer in the right space
  • Measure and optimize your social media activity
  • Learn to plan social media and social media marketing tactics to achieve results

Course covers:

In-class we’ll adopt a test-and-learn approach and discover how to use both the free and paid tools for monitoring content, task scheduling and automation for different social media executions, as well as how to measure performance and what to do with those results.

Alternatively, you can cover this content in the online social media marketing course and broken down into the following modules:

Module 1: The Social Media Landscape
Module 2: Campaign Analysis
Module 3: Campaign Planning
Module 4: Content Creation
Module 5: Content Distribution
Module 6: Managing Campaigns

Who should do join this Social media marketing course?

Anyone responsible for planning and implementing their brand or organization’s social media activity, including:

  • Marketing/Account executives
  • Digital Marketers
  • Marketing/Account Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Ideal for both B2B and B2C marketers
  • Client or agency side

Detailed syllabus of Social media marketing (SMM) course –

Intro to the Program!

Beginning with the Fundamentals – Beginners
  • What’s Social Media as well as the broadening scope of Social Networking
  • Selecting your stations
Your Own Social Media Strategy
  • Final words onto your Strategy
  • Strategy quiz
Getting started with the social networks

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram: the quick start manual

History of Social Media
  • An introduction to articles Advertising
  • The 5 Kinds of Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing Do’s and Dont’s
  • Content Planning
  • Content Planning Template
  • Social Media Content Marketing
  • Everything you Want to know about Facebook, Twitter, G, and Twitter.
Social networking automation
  • Intro to automation and Engaging content
  • When to use Social Media Automation
  • Scheduling and several network posting
  • Why use Hootsuite and buzzsumo?
Blogging – everything you Want to understand
  • Why site and concerns
  • Which stage?
  • Establishing a site/blog
  • Frequency and Content
  • Optimisation


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