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  • 6th October, 2017

Top 5 must have SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites

Are you running your website in Word press?

If yes then you know the importance of plug-ins in website optimization. If you want your blog or website to perform in search engine then integrating SEO plugins for WordPress website becomes necessary. This does not mean that only plug-in would decide the fate of the blogs but it will definitely help you outrank others in the competition.

Further, instead of hiring an internet marketing firm or a professional, you can get help from these WordPress Plug-ins. Let us start with the list and you decide what works best for you?

1 . SEOPressor:


With SEOPressor you need to drop-off all your tensions for managing the pages, custom posts, formats and everything. By integrating SEOPressor, you can insert a keyword within a click! Instead of surfing for SEO analysis tool, it will rate the page content out of 100.

It checks H1 (The most important Header) to H3 tags along with internal and external links. You can track the blog or website performance on the social media platforms. So, get a complete guide to SEO with SEOPressor.

2 . SEMrush:


The tool is all about watching what competitors are doing? It helps in gaining insights from the competitor sites to improve the SEO of the own site. Here, you will come to know about the organic keywords for a better rank, secrets of advertising techniques, etc. Although, it is paid to be honest thousands of professionals use SEMrush to rank better.

3 . Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress:

It is a free, unique and single Plug-In that works in multiple ways. If you are too confused as to how to manage your blog then so this would work as a great tool.

With the help of Yoast plugin, you can add Metadata, make your posts SOCIAL, create a sitemap, control, or check the blog index.

4 . Broken Link Checker:

In SEO analysis, it is important to fix all the broken links. This plug-in is quite helpful in finding broken links whether internal or external (404).

If not checked it could even freeze the hosting, hence it is advisable to remove all such links with broken link checker SEO plugins for WordPress.

5 . All in One SEO Pack:

The name is enough to suggest what this plug-in is all about. It has awesome features that will help you to create an SEO content friendly web page. For beginners, go for the default installation. For advanced bloggers, you can change the Meta details, Meta title, or description accordingly.

So, friends, we hope that these SEO plug-ins for blogs and sites made on WordPress platform will help you reach you a good rank in search results. SEO is not easy, but with these smart plugins, you can feel lighter in managing things!

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