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  • 20th June, 2017

Top 5 Benefits for Reposting content on Social Media

Social Media is the best way to increase your website traffic, but it takes a lot of time to craft a post and sometimes it becomes very difficult to post regularly. So here comes the concept of Reposting content on Social Media. Sharing content to social media network more than once is the most surefire way to increase visitors and engagement. It will not only save your time, also make you regular on your social media accounts.

Why is Reposting important to make you Content Evergreen?

Whenever we publish a new blog post we promote it on social media, Whether you share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or any other platform, you receive a number of clicks and visitors.

when you are posting it for the first time, you receive clicks, and when you will post in the second time the click you receive will be quite less as compared to the first one, but if you post it in next day for the third time the clicks are slightly high from the second one. This is the reason why reposting on social media becomes must be every social media marketing strategy.

So, In this post, You will learn the Top 5 benefits of Reposting content on social media, let’s start –

1 . Increase traffic:

no one can deny the fact that sharing of content on social media will increase your traffic. It is also a fact that there is no surety that once you post your content, it will reach all of your audience (thanks to edge rank algorithm of Facebook).

so once you repost your content on a different time with different Cta it slightly boost your traffic without doing nothing.

2 . Expand your Audience:

The more you repost your content, the more it reaches to a different audience of different interest. Basically, it will expand your audience, and you will gain engagement.

3 . Reach readers across different time zones:

As I already stated in point number 1, Reposting in different times, will expand your audience and make your post visible to people who are in different time zone.

4 . Never-ending posting queue:

Crafting a social media content takes a lot of efforts, so reposting makes it easy and increases engagement of your social media profiles. After some time, you have a number of scheduled post and it will slightly decrease your day to day planning and post creation.

5 . Extend the life of your content:

You published a blog post and shared it on social media networks, it got some clicks and visitor, Now what is next. Your blog post will become old in some time. The reposting makes it fresh can simply expand your life of a content.


I have tried it on various social platforms, and I can say that reposting content delivers astonishing results. One more thing reposting a content a second, third and fourth time to social networks is the key to Increase your   Traffic up to 300%.

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