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  • 21st February, 2017

Give Me 5 Minutes – And I’ll Give You the Secret of Getting Traffic from Pinterest

Use Pinterest Like a Pro and Drive Quality Traffic to Your Website

Pinterest is the new social platform that has attracted a number of brands in the past few years. In simple words at Pinterest, you can pin an image, quote, or any content that appeals you visually. Other people can repin your pin sharing the same content to rest of the world. But how to get traffic from Pinterest is a part of a lead generation that speaks a lot other than just sharing what you like! So, here we bring forth some of the quick ways to get good Pinterest traffic, follow them:

1. Use High-Quality Images and Infographics:

Pinterest favors what can be seen visually, not just a simple text. Use quality images having a good resolution to zoom-in. If an image is enough, go ahead but if you think text can play around it then make an infographic. Information presented within graphics speaks volume. Pinterest users find such graphics useful and easy way to share something valuable.

2. Content Creation in Smart Way:

More than 80% of the posts are repined! So, if you are sharing what others have already done then you are actually working for them. So, create original content or a post that covers topics, discussions, or images in trend. Unbelievably, smart content receives more attention and traffic whether it is a single or multiple social media platforms.

3. Install Pinterest Button to Post:

The easiest way to gain traffic is straight from the blog posts. Simply put a Pinterest button and a good image to allure people. By doing this you can easily find many followers who can bring you instant traffic on Pinterest. Make sure that you offer the option of subscribing to the blog or article for next update. The Pinterest button is the first thing you have to do if you want to get traffic from Pinterest.

4. Use Hash Tags in Description:

Like blogs, articles, videos, it is important to optimize the description of the post. Include all the details about the pin with hashtags # in the description targeting the keywords. The description should be such that it speaks about the pin and attract the visitors.

5. Measuring Results and Following a Strategy:

Check carefully which content got the maximum response? Measure the total number of pins and repins. The best way to do so is to use Google Analytics or any other tool to calculate the recent traffic. By looking at that analytics, you can see how much revenue or lead has been generated from a specific pin.

As a social media marketer getting traffic from Pinterest is not always easy, and sometimes it takes a lot of efforts. Follow the above tips and you will surely get good result or traffic on Pinterest because being smart, creative, and alert are the new mantras!

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