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  • 9th July, 2016

PPC Techniques That Will Help You To Get Better Result


If any digital marketer or expert wants to get quick results or visibility then pay-per-click is the best advertising program. It has some of the awesome features such as targeting the right audience, predicting traffic volumes, speed, and conversion rates.

It allows your business/service to come up with the top search results. The three major players in the arena that provide useful PPC program:

  • Google Adwords – It has such a large advertising network.
  • Yahoo – It has various network partnerships.
  • Microsoft adCenter – The new entrant in the market which means their traffic is high.

Adwords Mantras to Gain Positive Results:

How exactly Adwords or PPC mantras work depends on the strategies planned according to promotion. Structuring campaigns and doing keyword research and selection is something that is indispensable. Next step is to check out the bid management with the help of a PPC expert.

Here, we are sharing a few useful PPC training techniques followed by digital marketing institutes in Delhi to make someone a PPC master.

1. Research Techniques


The first thing that any online marketing training institute will focus is to develop the research techniques.

Before running any PPC campaign it is important to research and carefully analyze the product or the service. This simply means to have a clear goal or an objective to run any PPC project. Focus on Target Audience, demographics and keywords to get better results from your paid campaigns.



2. Following a Proper Strategy

ppc-training-processSince we are talking about paid search marketing or SEM, one has to follow a proper strategy for the same. PPC is basically a step by step process where we predict results from the past experiences.

Now, making a proper strategy means that choosing relevant keywords, setting them broad/phrase/exact match as per the need. Students are given PPC training on what is negative and relevant keywords.



      3. Landing Page Techniques


A landing page is a page designed specially to convert the leads. The concepts covered by the PPC trainers include:

1 – Importance of Landing Pages in PPC

2- Type of Landing Page

3- How to Enhance Conversion Rates through PPC


4. The Importance of Ad Copy


With a course on digital marketing or PPC training, you can know the secrets of making an effective ad copy! It is a mix of art and use of what will work in the market. There are classes for understanding which copy will work on products and services?

5. BID Management


| You can learn how to do BID management based on your goals that might be:

  • Driving branding with lots of impressions
  • Getting a number of clicks for generating traffic
  • Driving conversions with increased leads

The best technique to manage a PPC campaign running on Google Search Engines is to focus on quality score rating. If you can score good marks in the same then you can make your PPC ad run in the top position without any issue. Managing the campaign whether big or small depends on how well the ad is planned instead of the money spent.

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