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  • 30th September, 2019

PHP Developer Course in Noida

If you are finding out the pioneer PHP-training institute in Noida. Here ends your query. Because Insider academy believes in a hands-on training program so that students get quality training of PHP programming language this makes Insider Academy a leading institute that provides the best PHP-Training course in Noida.


What is PHP?


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is an open-source general-purpose scripting language that is mainly used to develop website and web application And PHP supports multiple databases like SQL, MYSQL more. In 1994 RasmusLerdorf was the person who created PHP Language.

PHP Developer Course in Noida

If you don’t have much knowledge about programming skills then you don’t need to worry much still you can learn it easily because Insider Academy has designed the course structure after keeping in mind both technical and Non-technical students.


The course includes all aspects of PHP programming language from a very basic level to advance level. Insider academy also provides you experienced faculties that teach you the best methods that will help you out to understand the syntax of PHP in quite an easy way.


Why PHP development course is important these days


PHP is a secure way of developing web applications as compared to other programming languages because it has many security layers that will help in preventing malicious viruses and many operating systems such as Microsoft window, Linux, Unix, etc use the script of PHP programming language.


These are the reasons most of the IT companies are willing to hire PHP developer to develop their websites that leads to create more and more jobs and make this field more important for students who are seeking a job in web development.


Course Description and Syllabus





  • What is PHP
  • How to install PHP
  • What is PHP Syntax
  • How to use PHP Syntax
  • What is PHP variables
  • About PHP Echo / Print
  • PHP Data Types
  • About PHP Strings
  • PHP Constants
  • About Comments
  • PHP Operators
  • About Functions
  • Loop and Decisions
  • About String Handling
  • Arrays
  • About Template
  • About Control statements



  • About HTML Basic Tags
  • HTML Forms
  • About Creating Tables
  • Managing Home Page



  • What is CSS
  • About CSS Properties
  • What is JAVASCRIPT
  • About Designing of Web Pages




  • What is RDBMS
  • How to perform Database Operations
  • How to set Query Parameters
  • About Executing Query



  • What is Datatype
  • About Controls Statements
  • Functions of JAVA SCRIPT
  • About Events
  • What is Arrays
  • What is DOM
  • About form validation

Join the best PHP developer course in Noida and make your mark in Designing and development industry. Join 90 days PHP training in Noida, get live training classses.

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