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  • 29th May, 2020

Learn Mobile Repairing online : Best Online Mobile Chip level Repair Course

Learn Mobile Repairing Online anywhere

Mobile Phone Servicing Sector is growing

The stats are showing the Indian mobile service industry will continue to grow in 2021. To make a career in this field you need training. Understanding of components like Capacitor, resister, diode circuit are some common terminologies, to earn a good income by doing mobile repairing the most important thing is, how you troubleshot the problem.

Institute of mobile phone Technology offering extensive courses on Mobile Phone Servicing in India. Many governments certified online chip level mobile repair training courses are running. The Online Mobile repairing course comes with a video tutorial, this self-placed online mobile training can be accessed from anywhere

The course content is detailed yet to the point, it will take you to the expert mobile phone repairing from a basic level. The syllabus which consists of 6 modules covering all aspects of Mobile Phone Servicing, Smartphone Servicing to adds confidence to the candidate after course completion. All this is provided at the most affordable fee structure.

Module 1:  Introduction to Mobile Technology

Basic Electronics

If you don’t have prior knowledge about the online mobile repairing field then this will give you some idea about the Mobile phone. For others, who already have prior knowledge about electrical and electronic engineering, this module will help them revise these concepts.

  • Basic Electronics – Current, Voltage, AC Current & DC Current,
  • Resistor, Transistor, Capacitor, Diode, Inductor Coil, Transformer, Integrated Circuit
  • Digital Electronics,
  • Study of various mobile Components: Speaker / Ringer, Microphone, Vibrate Motor,
  • Display, Drivers, Power Switch, Fuse, Real-Time Clock, and Quartz Crystal
  • What is a Multimeter and How to use DC Power Supply, Battery Booster
  • Understanding Circuit Diagrams
  • Study of Various Tools and Equipment used in Mobile Phone Repairing

This module is theoretical, yet very important. Our instructor will cover all those things with you in this online mobile phone repairing course.

Module 2 (Mobile Communication)

This will enlighten you about the use of mobile communication and technology. get an insight into the basic concepts of mobile communication and various technology standards used around the world.

  • Basics of Mobile Communication and Mobile Phone Technology
  • Introduction to Working Principle of Mobile
  • Handoff, Mobile Station, Base Station Subsystem
  • Network and Switching Subsystem, Global System for Mobile
  • Frequency of 4G Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi, Wi-max (Basic Concepts)

Module 3: Circuits Motherboard Circuit

The motherboard is responsible for what will work and what will not work on your mobile phone, almost everything is associated with the motherboard. This third module of cellphone repairing online course is the gem of the whole training. Our aim is to make you master of this section.

  • Power Circuit
  • Charging Circuit
  • Light Circuit
  • SIM Circuit
  • Display Circuit
  • Keypad Circuit
  • Touch Screen Circuit
  • Audio Circuit
  • Memory card Circuit
  • Speaker Circuit
  • Microphone Circuit
  • Vibrator Circuit
  • Network Circuit
  • Bluetooth Circuit
  • Wi-fi Circuit

All those circuits are very important and it can impact your earning. So let no stone unturned to grasp the concepts of this topic.

Module 4: Mobile Hardware Repair

The fourth module focuses on hardware and teaches the students how to handle and replace various electronic parts. In this module, you will learn all the hardware repair procedures in a more comprehensive manner.

  • Study of Basic Circuit Board, Motherboard
  • PCB component
  • Assembling & Disassembling of different Mobile Phones
  • Soldering & De-soldering, use of Soldering Iron, SMD Rework Station
  • BGA and SMD chips mounting
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Procedure
  • Identify various IC’s
  • Testing SMD Components
  • BGA IC Re-Balling and Installing
  • Connector, Display flex, Folding, and Sliding Handset Flex Cable
  • Water Damage and Washing of Mobile Phone with CTC
  • Circuit Tracing, Fault finding & Troubleshooting
  • Jumpering Techniques
  • Troubleshooting through Circuit Diagrams
  • Repairing Hardware Faults
  • Shorting Technique
  • Hot and Cold Testing
  • Voltage Tracing and different volts used in Mobile Phone

Module 5: Mobile Software Repairing Online

The fifth module focuses on software issues which are some of the most common ones faced by Smartphone users. Sometimes, a software problem can lead to hardware abnormalities as well. This module will teach you how to perform various software repairing techniques.

  • 9 Different Types of Mobile Operating Systems
  • Mobile Phone Applications
  • Knowledge about IMEI, IMSI, ESN, PIN, PUK,
  • MTSO, SECURITY LOCK, Default Codes of different Mobile Phones and Factory Resets
  • Study of various faults due to Corrupt Software
  • flasher boxes and software Flashing of various brands of handsets
  • Removing a virus from infected phones
  • Unlocking of handsets through codes and/or software
  • Use of various secret codes, FRP lock removal
  • Pattern Lock Removal, Unlock and Lock phone
  • Mobile EMEI number Repairing
  • Mobile repair with Miracle Box/ Z3X Box
  • downloading Mobile Flashing File, Driver, Mobile Application

Module 6 (Basic and Advanced Troubleshooting)

After receiving a customer’s complaint, it is important to understand where the problem of the phone lies – hardware or software; and then repair it accordingly. This is where the troubleshooting module will come in handy. You have to master mobile troubleshooting so that your customer appreciate your work and give recommendations to your services. A mobile technician becomes experience once he masters the fault finding and troubleshooting.

  • Troubleshooting and Repairing of various Faults
  • Standard Repair Procedure for Hardware and Software related Faults
  • Water Damaged repair Techniques
  • Circuit Tracing, Jumper Techniques, and Solutions
  • Troubleshooting through Schematic Diagrams
  • Use of internet for Troubleshooting Faults
  • Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

What makes this online mobile repairing course special?

We have done some research online in my laptop and find that many people from India search for mobile repairing course near me, from different states of India, mainly from Maharastra, Delhi, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and West Bengal. If we go more specific the cities name where the mobile repairing course is on high demand in Mumbai, Pune, Navi Mumbai, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Nagpur, Bengaluru, Mysuru, Belgaum, Mangalore, Gulbarga.

This online mobile repairing course is the answer to every question now learn from home, lie mobile classes on your phone.

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