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  • 22nd October, 2016

New Sneak Peek : Ninetendo Switch Console | Gaming

Technology is developing day by day. “Good News for the gamers” “A mouth watering release for the gamers”- After a long time of waiting, ninetedo has finally introduced a hardware device: the switch this morning.

The official release date they had decided is on March 2017. So you have to wait for 5 months for it.

Official Release: March 2017

Want to know about the switch?

In fact most people have no idea what’s “The switch”

What exactly the Nintendo switch exactly is? What’s inside it… Let me tell you all about The Switch…

So sit back relax and put your swords to the side..  There we go…

A combination of portable and home-based machine. After this sneak peek the gamers are excited to get this switch.

It is a console and it’s totally different from Xbox and PS4.  It’s a “transformer” means shape changing machine, you can change it to a portable device to home based gaming machine. It is a compact processor and you can remove controllers and screen.

With controllers you can play on your television.

Ninentendo switch console

It is portable so you can play wherever you want to play with it. You can use it anywhere. Just remove controllers off and put the screen on a stand and you can play anywhere.

Here the trailer for Nintendo switch.

In this trailer, you will notice joysticks and buttons on the side of the switch. You can break the controllers into many pieces like kit kat bar hand one to a friend and one to you.

According to my opinions, the screen is untouchable.

Ninetendo Switch console

Here is the list of video games from Nintendo or other software makers, we can play on a switch:

  • The legend of Zelda: Breadth of the wild
  • Skyrim
  • Mario kart 8
  • NBA Basketball game may be NBA 2017
  • Super Mario
  • Splatoon

Now after this sneak peek Nintendo trigger their market and go beyond from their competitors with its innovative machine.

It’s easy for everyone to understand.

According to the social media, switch showed high interest among U.S gamers. Japanese gamers had low interest.

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