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  • 24th September, 2019

LED Tv repairing Course in Delhi | Smart Tv repairing Training Institute

The use of LCD TV is continuously increased day by day. You can easily see smart LCD TV everywhere like Showrooms, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Home and every public place.

Nowadays LED Smart TV is one of the main electronic devices which is very commonly used everywhere. So as the use of LED TV is increasing day by day the demand for expert Levels of TV Repairing technicians is a rapid increase in the market.

LED-Tv-repairing-course-delhi-india-laxminagar-karolbagh-rohini-abcmitWhat is the scope after the LCD TV repairing course In Delhi?

As the user of LCD TV is increase day by day. This creates the hug Job market for the LCD TV repair Technician. This industry is growing and become more advanced by Time. So the Technician has a great challenge to update their skills by the technology.

There are mainly two types of options after completing this LCD TV reaping course.

1. Work as an Expert LED Tv repairing Technician In Service centre or in manufacture Company 

After completing this LCD TV repairing course you can easily get the Job as an LCD TV repairing Technician. In metro cities like Delhi, there are several national and international brands showrooms like LG, ONIDA, SAMSUNG, VIDEOCON, SONY, MI, PHILIPS, TOSHIBA, etc.  If you have an expert level repairing skill in LCD repairing Technology. Then you get a very good salary package as the LCD TV Technician.

2. Start your own LCD TV repairing service center  business

If you want to start your own business. Then it is the best option to start your own LCD repairing business. The profit margin is very good in this business. The second great thing about this LCD TV repairing is that the cost of LCD TV IS very high nowadays. So the margin is very in this business.

Anyone can earn more than 30 to 50 thousand every month with the expert Level of Skills of the LCD TV repairing.

Key Module in LCD/LED/ Smart TV Repairing Course –

  1. Introduction of LCD/LED TV Technology.

In this, you will learn about the Evolution of LCD and the basic introduction the LED Technology.

  1. Basic Electronic and Working and testing principles.

In this section, you will know about the different types of Electronic components like a resistor, capacitor, inductor, Diode/ Bridge Rectifier, Transistor, MOSFET, SM Transformer, Opto Isolator, Voltage regulator working principle and testing in details.

  1. Assembling disassembling.

In this section, you will learn about the assembling and disassembling of a different section of the LCD/LED Tv.

  1. Power supply Board / Fault Finding.

The power supply is the most important section of every electronic device. So in this section, you will learn the all latest power section.

  1. Controller / T-con Board / Fault finding.

 In this section, you will learn about the working principle of the Controller and Timing controller  (T-con) board of the LED TVs Section. Fault finding is the most key section of this Module.

  1. Stand By circuit.

The stand by a circuit is another important section of the LCD TV. In this section, you will learn about the Stand by the circuit.

  1. Tools and Test Equipment.

In this section, you will learn about the tools and Test Equipment of all TV repairing tools and Equipment. Because without the proper knowledge of tools and test equipment you can’t become a good technician.

  1. Schematic Diagram.

The different Electronic device has a different type of circuit. For a technician, it is very difficult to know the different types of circuit. Because there is always a minute difference between the different brand’s TV or LCD TV.

The schematic diagram gives you the proper information about the tracks of a complete circuit of the PCB. If you know the schematic Diagram then you can easily respire the LCD TV. This Schematic Diagram is available on the Net.

  1. Some test point / Useful Formula.

The test point is very helpful to find the exact fault Area in the circuit on the board. There are some formulas by which you can also check all functionality in the circuit.

  1. Inverter Board failure.

Inverter Board Failure is also a major problem on the LCD TV. After completing this section you will be able to repair the Inverter  Board failure.

  1. No video, No audio, OSD menu failure.

The no Video, no Audio is due to the malfunctioning of the on-screen display controller. This is a very common and frequent problem that occurs on the LCD TV. After completing this section you will able to repair all type of  Video and audio in the LCD tv.

  1. White screen, Rainbow Screen / Negative, reverse, mirror image, Line in Picture.

White screen, rainbow screen /Negative,   Reverse, Mirror image, Line in the picture are the major issue that frequently occurs in the LCD TV. After completing this section you can able to fix and  respire all type of this issue

  1. No backlight.

No backlight is another common issue in a smart TV. When the LED backlight is doesn’t work, it is a big issue. After completing this section you can respire this issue.

  1. Bios memory / Software upgrade.

Bios memory and Software the BIOS is software that is contained in a small memory on the chip. It needs to update the Bios software if it is not working properly.

  1. Repair care History, safety & parts distribution.  

Why we are the best institute for LCD TV Repairing Course in Delhi NCR?

There are several institutes of Smart TV repairing in the Delhi NCR region. But the AKINFO is THE BEST Technical training Institute for LED TV repairing. We have a world lab and latest tools and Machine facilities. Here is some facility that is only provided by our TECHNICAL Training Institute.

This feature makes us different from other institutes.

  1. World-class Lab facility with advanced Tools and the latest Machine.
  2. Lifetime technical support for the students.
  3. Hand-on practise and live practical training
  4. Experienced Industry Expert Trainer.
  5. Citification in LCD Repairing.
  6. Individual Attention on every Student.
  7. 100% Job guarantee after the Course.
  8. Business development training for students.

How you can join our LEd Tv Training Program?

If you want to become an industry level expert LCD Technician. You can take the admission on the LCD TV repairing Course. We also offer mobile repairing training in Delhi, Laptop repairing course and Digital Marketing courses as well.


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