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  • 23rd August, 2020

Watch TV to improve your English skills

One of the best ways to learn and improve English is by watching television. Also, it would make watching TV useful rather than a waste of time. Here are a few ways to learn by watching TV:


If you love re-watching your favourite TV show, movie, videos, and news programs, then you can enjoy this activity. It involves watching and writing down phrases, new words, and learning expressions after rewatching the same TV show episode, movie, video, or news program. It would allow you to expand your vocabulary, sentence formation, phrases, and apt usage in the real world. 

Furthermore, you would never get bored because you are watching your favourite show, movie, video, or program. Additionally, you can mute the visual and turn on subtitles. Take notes of the same and try repeating the same with the same expression and record it. Make more than one recording to check your spoken English skills. Do the same activity after a day, three, or six days.

Make TV Learning Easier

Thirty minutes before going to bed, watch your favourite TV show, movie, video, and news program. Actively listen to spoken English, make notes, and repeat aloud. While you are making notes, create a summary, and new things you learned through the video or program. Sleep after finishing your tasks and recall the notes and summary without viewing them. Now see them and make a comparison. Make it fun by turning them into flashcards. By doing so, you would recall and link the correct sentence formation, words, meanings, and become better at both written and spoken English. 

Additionally, there are four primary English language forms used in India, namely, American, British, Australian, and Canadian. Watch different types of English language shows and videos, and switch on their subtitles. Differentiate between the words, spellings, etc. Also, most corporate companies either focus on American or British English, the former being more common than the latter. Therefore, try concentrating on the same.

Expand Your Language Skills

The previous activities can prove very useful for new learners. However, people seeking improvement in their current language skills should watch different types of videos or shows. As mentioned earlier, one can watch their TV show, movie, video, and news program. But it would help if you kept in mind that you found the show either by researching the web, online advertisement, or word of mouth. Therefore, you could employ the same method to see one of the best shows in another genre. By doing so, you would enhance your vocabulary, improve your written and spoken English skills, gain knowledge about world perspectives, and more. 

At times, you could opt to watch nature programs, news, travel, fitness, and other unexplored categories. There is also online English speaking course shows hosted to teach primary and advanced-level language skills. They provide the best methods to teach English and recall the language rules with examples. You can always teach the same while sharing your opinion with others and improving their written and spoken English. It would also enable you to stick to a schedule.

Enhance Upto Academic Level

After repetition, building a vocabulary, sentence formation, and gain perspective on other important aspects of written and spoken English, you can move to the next stage of enhancing your skills to an academic level. Contrary to parental beliefs, educational TV shows, series, programs, movies, videos, and channels can help you attain such a scale. 

Competitions like a spelling bee, quizzes, etc. are not only useful for kids but also for adults. They test the knowledge of the participants. But viewers can write down their answers on a pad and compare it after it is revealed. At times, shows may ask users to send their responses to a particular number in a peculiar format. TV viewers can make use of such opportunities to win prizes or rewards. 

Similarly, you can watch educational shows about genres like nature, science, economics, politics, etc. By watching such shows, you would learn new words, new conversation topics, jargon, and build an understanding of the content as it becomes more complicated. But more usefully, you can become more responsive to a native English speaker belonging to educational background. Furthermore, they might even invite you to join their social circles due to your significant knowledge of the field.

Keep Your TV On As Much As Possible

Many researchers believe in the immersion training technique as opposed to classroom exposure. If you incorporate this technique, then you would more likely speak in the same mannerism. Additionally, you could focus faster on the grammar rules and avoid making mistakes, whereas classroom exposure may not always be possible. 

Therefore, you should keep your TV on while cleaning, cooking, laundry, exercising, etc. At the same time, you can continue with your activity and listen to the program conversation. Immersing yourself in such an action would make you pay more attention to the program while doing your chores. Therefore, you would learn English faster than you ordinarily do.

Make Use of the Internet on Your TV

As an English learner, you don’t necessarily need to watch TV shows on your cable network. Instead, you can watch a TV show on various apps like Netflix, Prime Now, etc. You can even make use of YouTube on your TV to watch channels that provide English learning classes. It would be a much better choice than searching for a TV program. Additionally, you can submit your answers during a live session, and the tutor would most likely explain the correct answer with examples. Therefore, you would make the aptest use of internet TV and play, pause, rewind, or stop at will, which is possible for TV programs only if you record them. 

Unfortunately, learning English through TV has a significant drawback. You can compare notes but cannot clarify your doubts unless the host explains it. Therefore, it isn’t the most significant English learning choice but is certainly a viable option.

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