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  • 7th March, 2017

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5 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos To Get More Traffic

If you have a YouTube and channel and you are posting videos regularly then this post is for you.  You are leaving money on the table if you are not marketing your videos and you can’t share a majority of the audience.

In this post, we will see some tactics and strategies to get more traffic to your videos.

YouTube Video Title

Without Catchy Headlines, your videos can’t go viral or you will get a small number of views. You can use Google instance to search the best and catchy title what people are searching for.

Follow some simple steps to optimize your Titles.

  1. Keep Your Titles Short as short possible.
  2. Use Keywords (what you are targeting) in the beginning.
  3. Use Words( Best, Top, how to, what)

YouTube Video Tags

YouTube vide tags can help you to increase visibility of your videos. Tags are the search term what people are searching for. With adding these tags in your videos users can easily find your videos on YouTube. Use 5-6 tags in which the there is search volume.

Promoting Through SMO

Now this is the easiest and interesting way to promote your videos. You have to share your videos on your twitter page, face book page, LinkedIn page etc. By doing this you, can covers a lot of traffic from social media. Videos are the best ways to increase reach of the posts, because user prefers watching rather than reading.

Promoting Via Emails

It is the way to promoting your videos by emails. Share links to your videos to the customer by emails.

Promoting Via Blogs

Well making a separate blog for your YouTube channel is the way you can promote your videos. You can make a blog on blogger or word press by purchasing domain names and hosting. We prefer to use word press. By doing this users will find your videos in a single place. Learn tips how to do better blogging.

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