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  • 8th May, 2017

Top 9 Tips To increase views on youtube video

When we ask professionals on how to increase views on youtube, we got the common response of doing this or that trick. However, honestly, YouTube, the best video based channel where millions of visitors spend hours, getting a good traffic is not a big deal. You only need to know smart ways to handle your channel by looking out at your mistakes.

In this article, we will focus on something that you might have ignored while publishing the video. and also learn how to increase views on youtube without spending money on its promotion. Here, we go.

1 . Is your Video Title Complete & Attractive?

Optimizing title primary task before publishing a video in your youTube channel. The title of the video must be eye- catching, unique, descriptive and relevant to your video.

Many publishers ignore to optimize a Title of the video since they feel that their video is enough to allure online visitors. But, they tend to forget that search engines will not open up your video to rank it, it will see the right information in text, and that is Title and other METADATA!

2 . Make your Video Rich with Tags:

Tags are one of the important tools that help the audience to find related videos. YouTube tags that are rich in keywords make a video SEO optimized. For example, if a video is related to how to put eyeliner, then tags could be the related network of like applying winged liner, mascara, dark liner, etc. Believe me, A rich tag is a secret recipe which will answer your query on how to increase views on youtube.

Note: Remember you can use 10 to 20 tags in a single video.

3 . Use Too Long Descriptive Titles:

 Never feel afraid of writing long and descriptive YouTube video titles. This is where you can create the first impression in the minds of the visitors. Go for natural content that smartly covers keywords that could bring you in up results. Take help from “Keyword Suggestion Tool”, a great way to know which keywords would get you the desired results.

4 . Lengthy Description – Use 250 Words at least

One of the best ways to get YouTube traffic is through lengthy descriptions. Here, you need to know few important points such as:

  • Include the URL of the Website
  • Use the Most Important keywords in first two sentences
  • Make the most by writing 250 words description
  • Include the Key Phrases and synonyms

5 . Make Awesome Descriptive Playlist for Your Channel:

Playlist – is an awesome idea if you want to attract others to your channel. Playlist organizes videos and makes it easier for the viewers and publisher to find one type of video. Grouping is done on:

  • Same Topic
  • Keywords
  • Accurate Description

Here you need to name each playlist with complete and attractive description.

6 . Annotations for Interactivity:

As an ad is made impressive through effects or call-to-action on screen, similarly, using annotations in YouTube helps in adding interactivity and commentary. There are different styles, one can use annotations in YouTube Videos such as:

  • Speech
  • Title
  • Label
  • Pause
  • Note

You can ask for subscribing and liking the channel, with a professional touch not the old promotional methods!

7 . Use End Screen and Cards

 Although annotation is now not available in most of the video, cards play a vital role in driving traffic to the website or any other video. End screen is useful to build viewership in both mobile and desktop devices. The benefits of using end screen are –

  • To point viewers to other videos, playlist or youtube channel.
  • Call to Action to subscribe the youtube channel.
  • To promote a website or crowdfunding campaigns.

End screen messages are shown during the last 5-20 seconds of video

Limitation: Video must be at least 25 seconds long to use end screen.

8 . Use Caption and Transcript:

Using caption and transcript in your youtube video is simply increse the viewership and also it is helpful to increase viewership if you are not using transcript in your videso then believe me you are missing a lot.

9 . Watch Time, Reactions :

Watch time and reaction ( like, comment and share) are the key factors for long-term success for your channel if you already have  established channel these are the key factor you should work and it will help to increase views on your new videos.

The above ideas are for those who are not technical in nature and don’t know the importance of these steps. Getting YouTube traffic or youtube views is easy when a channel is properly optimized, refreshed and have something that interest viewers.

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