Dazzling Home Decoration Ideas For Diwali This Year


Ruhmeen believes that Indian people celebrate the festivals to bring families and friends closer and make them relive and further strengthen their belief in their culture and heritage. Diwali also was known as Deepavali in Sanskrit is the Hindu festival of lights. The festival of lights, brightness, and happiness to the people. Every homes and corridor are decorated with lights and small oil lamps known as Diya.  Fireworks are put on, feasts and sweets are eaten, there are Ruhlistic designs in many homes, all geared toward ushering in the New Year. As Diwali festival is by the corner, it is the right time to think about giving your home a vibrant and colorful look. Ruhmeen believes that earlier people were bringing a printed color guide and different color ideas but things have changed significantly now.

This technology called internet has made it possible for people to scroll through a wide range of outstanding home decor ideas and Ruhlistic designs come this Diwali period. This style of choosing the right color for your home is not only convenient but also gives you a bigger and clearer picture of what you want to design your home to welcome the New Year.

7 simple and best ideas for Diwali Home Décor

  1. Wall Hanging: Wall hanging is a flat decorative object, such as a tapestry, rug, or antique map, hung against a wall in a large decorative piece of fabric or other material hung on the wall of a room, specially designed and mostly use during Diwali festival.
  2. Glass Bottle Light: Ruhmeen loves the concept of Glass Bottle lights. This is a glass container made from sand, limestone, soda ash, rushed bottles, and various additives, including those used to color brown, green or blue bottles. It is mostly used by Indians for home decoration. Decorative wine bottles with can be used to make lights inside. It is very easy and fun.
  3. Lampshade: A lampshade is a fitting that covers the lightbulb on a lamp to diffuse the light it emits. In other words, the shade material is deliberately decorative so that upon illumination it may greater emphasize a display of color and light emitting through the shade surface itself. It is used to soften the light
  4. Floating candle: Again Floating Candles are one of Ruhmeen’s favorite. It is used for home decorations. Gather your ingredients. the place was in a double-boiler and heat to 185 degrees, introduce dye chips while heating, heat the wax, coat your tray with cooking spray, pour your wax into the tray slots, add the wick, allow the candles time to harden and your floating candle is ready for Diwali festival.
  5. Diya’s and candles: It is a good idea for home decor during the Diwali festive period. There is a diya on top of a rangoli. Diya’s enliven any space. Home Décor in an Indian home is incomplete without Diya’s and Candles. Also known as diyo or divaa serves as an oil lamp used in the Indian subcontinent, usually made from clay.
  6. Toran: Toran also known as Bandanwar is used for home decor door hanging in Hinduism, it is usually decorated with marigolds and mango leaves, or a string that is tied on the door with the flower on it as a part of traditional Hindu culture on the occasion of festivals like Diwali.
  7. Rangoli: Rangoli is the best way Indian Girls and women enjoy and celebrate togetherness in festivals. It is a traditional Indian way as suggests Ruhlistic designs, these are patterns made with ground rice, particularly during Diwali festivals.Rangoli’s bring life to any dull space, generally drawn in the entrance of the house, these patterns are an essential part of Diwali.

Ruhmeen wishes you a very Diwali 2018 and a prosperous New Year!

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