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  • 25th October, 2020

What is H1 tag in SEO | Heading Tags Optimization for Blogger, WordPress, Shopify

Whether it is HTML, Blogger, WordPress or Shopify store, H1 is considered as the most important part in deciding the ranking.

What is H1 tag in SEO?

Who are not aware, what is H1 Tag. it is an HTML tag that indicates a heading on a website.

If you are searching for a video covering the impact of H1 in SEO and how you can find the h1 tag of a blog post then you are watching the right video.

If you have done your keyword research, then you’ll be able to optimize your heading tags in order to get your website to rank on Google.

Topics Covered in the video-

What is the H1 Tag?

How important is h1 tag for SEO?

Are multiple h1 tags bad for SEO?

How many h1 tags should be on a page?

Does h1 affect SEO? How do you optimize h1 tags?

How do I add h1 to WordPress?

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