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  • 11th February, 2017

Google Tag Manager – All in One Tag Solution for Digital Marketers

Make Event Tracking more easy with Tag Manager

You may have heard about Google Tag Manager, but still wondering how it exactly works. Right??

Let me take you on a journey, where you will learn what Google Tag Manager

If you’re in Digital marketing field you must be using different online tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, and Google AdWords etc. for your website. These tools only work when it is integrated with the website by pasting the unique code of the tool on HTML coding of the website.

You know more you start making your website relevant and efficient more it becomes worse in performance. You must be thinking, I am not on my mind!! But, it is true my friend.

Don’t agree? I have proof!!

You know most of the marketers continuously add tags to enhance their tracking, optimization or other functionality of their websites. This makes the website crowded and heavy, which results in slow loading on mobile and desktop.

To avoid these problems Google introduced yet another tool “Google Tag Manager” in October 2012. It is a free tool which avails the marketers to manage tags. Earlier, everything was managed by webmasters, including website tracking, which was quite technical.

Let’s know it in details – 

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a free tool of Google that save the marketer from tedious code-editing tasks that formerly required a developer. When you integrate this tool on your website it allows you to add and update your own website tags like javascript code snippets for site analytics, conversion tracking, and remarketing, hence, amplifying the sales or business growth with less effort.

What are tags?

Tags are snippets of website code that measures traffic and track visitor information. Apart from availing insight of online advertising and social changes, tags make it easy to target your audience, leverage remarketing, and test and improve your site.

These tags also facilitate some specific site functions. For example, through the use of the Google Analytics tag.

Why should you use a tag management system?

Tagging is highly complex yet plays it plays a very crucial role in fueling the growth of an online business. To maintain the position in the online world, large websites are required to constantly update their tags, add new tags, and execute complicated installations. If the marketer fails to manage it properly, these tags can slow down your site, misinterpret your measurements, and lead to duplicate costs and missing data. So, it’s time to eliminate time-consuming management of tags and apply a single tool to manage all the important functionality of the website.

Benefits of Google Tag Manager

Let’s know its benefits in details. Here are 8 reasons which justify why we should integrate GTM with our website.

  1. Simple to use

GTM is like a one man army, which enables the marketer to make updates and add new tags effortlessly. They don’t need to go deep in the peculiarities of these complex code, changes can be made easily and quickly.

When you have Google Tag Manager, the team can themselves test each change and deploy when ready without the help of a developer. Hence, it fuels the process and allows the IT department to focus on larger projects

  1. Easy updates and a future-proofed website.

GTM is a powerful online tool which has made future upgrades and enhancements quite uncomplicated for the marketers, as modifications can be made through the interface; you are not required to do it on each page of your website.

Moreover, when you use Google Tag Manager, you can easily upgrade Universal Analytics.

  1. Debug features.

This revolutionary marketing tool has built-in debug features, which allows the marketer to test each update on the site and find out bug before publishing. Moreover, a marketer can encounter problems with your tags before they are life.

  1. Version control.

You know every time you make any update or change through GTM, a new archived version is created, which makes easy for the marketers to rollback to a former version at any moment. This is highly important as it helps the marketer to keep tags organized. Moreover, it makes troubleshooting simple; and allows you to implement similar installations on new GTM containers easily.

  1. Users and permissions management.

Through GTM it is really easy for the marketers to set permissions for every specific user and control internally who has the authority to make changes to the website and assist with creating tags, macros, and rules.

  1. Built-in tags.

Google Tag Manager has many important built-in tags for AdWords conversions, classic and Universal Analytics, remarketing, and much more. It helps the marketing team to customize tags with just a few pieces of key information, without implementing complicated code or the help of a developer every time.

  1. Functions with Google Analytics.

You don’t require worrying about coding each time you make changes. Now you have GTM with not only built-in tags but it also allows you to install a basic implementation of Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager.

There is tag template in GTM which gives all power to access your previous Google Analytics implementation. Moreover, it also compatible with older code for event tracking, page views, and cross domain tracking.

  1. Event tracking.

Event tracking in digital marketing refers to adding code to the website to keep track on visitor events like clicks, video engagement, and form submissions. It avails the marketer with auto-event tracking feature, which eliminates the need of manual tagging of each link you want to track.

So, using Google Tag Manager makes everything easy and stress-free.

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