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  • 6th July, 2016

Advantages of Google AdWords certification for Digital Marketers

Google Adwords Certification Course : Training in Delhi

Every marketer wants to be perfect when it comes to digital advertising on Google. Owing to the quality techniques, the price and advantages of AdWords Certification Course is indispensable.

Google Adwords Certification Cost –

This free certification is especially designed for the professionals and companies to become  Google Partners by testing knowledge on online advertising concepts. Like Google support center  says, becoming an AdWords Certified will make you expert in:

  Knowing Value Propositiongoogle-adwords-certifiction-delhi
  Setting-Up and managing the campaign
  Measurement along with Optimization

About the Certification Course

Many digital institutes provide training as how to clear Google AdWords certifications exams? The available exams are inclusive of:

AdWords Fundamentals – The exam covers basic as well as intermediate concepts on online advertisement.

Search Advertising – It covers concepts on creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing the search advertising campaigns.

Display Advertising – The concepts for managing, creating, measuring along with optimizing the display campaigns.

Mobile Advertising– It covers all about mobile-based advertisement such as ad formats, targeting, bidding, measurement of the campaign & optimization

Video Advertising– It will help you to know all about managing the video advertising.

Shopping Advertising – It involves basic to advance concepts, including Merchant Center Account, product data feed and creating/managing the shopping campaigns.

Exam study guides are available for the professionals on the Google itself. But, you can join digital marketing institute in Delhi to expand the overall knowledge of AdWords and fundamentals. One has to clear two exams one is the AdWords Certification Course and one Advance Course. Regarding price, the course is free and has several advantages of the same. What are they? Understand below:

Training by the Google Experts:

Yes, professionals may claim to have complete knowledge of Google AdWords but think how many can say they are being trained by Google itself? Yes, only those who are Google Partners can say so. With AdWords certification course, you become an expert in using tools.

Easy to Impress The Customers:

You will get an awesome endorsement with AdWords Certification. Now, you can easily impress and increase your client network by making your reputation as Certified Professional in Online Marketing.

Learn More About Tools:

With Google Adwords, you can learn how to use one tool with the other, what are the best strategies and trends that Google is following. You can use services by Google and may get support when to come to practical terms.

How To Enroll Yourself for Adwords certification Exam

The certification program is now renamed as ‘Google Partners‘. If you prepared for tge exam than you can access the Google Partners website at

Hence, with no price and many advantages of AdWords Certification Course, you have more chances to succeed in the world of online marketing.

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