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  • 1st May, 2017

Top 5 Google Adwords Alternatives to Increase Revenue


Google AdWords Alternatives for Small and Medium Businesses

Google AdWords has helped every other company to generate leads through paid campaigns. It is one of the best-paid techniques to earn online presence and become the top most brands with PPC. However, for many marketers, it is a good but highly expensive deal. They have a low budget to spend on that hardly provide any benefits to the companies. So, is there any Google AdWords Alternatives available to help? Let us find out!

1 . Have You Tried Yahoo/Bing Ads?

Besides, Google you can try out Bing and Yahoo ads that are also highly popular search engines. You can select the same not because it is comparatively cheaper than the Google Ads but also it provides quick results. The ads are placed in the Bing search engine that may easily drive awesome leads with the right use of keywords and content.

2 . Amazon Product Ads

Amazon is one of the biggest online markets and it places the ads on all the product pages. Owing to the positioning, interested customers can easily find you or catch your attention.

3 . Clicksor

Apart from the big giants, several small players serve a million impressions every month. Clicksor which has $0.05 cents minimum for a click is known for its good conversions. The conversions no doubt depend on the retargeting, geo-targeting, and contextual targeting.

4 . BuySellAds

The marketers interested in traditional advertising should go for BuySellAds. It is known as one of the largest distribution networks. This ad network receives more than 5 billion impressions every month. Buysellads is one of the easiest ways to generate leads for small business owners and other marketers. With BuySellAds, you can keep a track on the campaign.

5 . Facebook Ads

The alluring social network Facebook is one of the excellent Google AdWords Alternatives if your target audience is young. Facebook ads help you to select options like age, location, gender, hobbies and other things to target a specific type of audience. With Facebook company page, now brands can start their campaign and take a control on their online reputation.

Google AdWords Alternatives are many and effective as well. One can go for any of the options available and decided the budget. However, everything depends on how smartly one can manage things when it comes to online lead generation. If you want to learn more about PPC, then you can enroll in our PPC training program in Delhi.

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