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  • 18th May, 2017

How to Get Followers on Pinterest

Want to Get Followers on Pinterest?

Welcome to the online world! Here you will find a variety of tactics followed by social media platforms. Here, we will cover the latest but one of the interesting social media – Pinterest! If you are a blogger, then it would have one of your favorite tools. This media has started a unique way of pinning down the content you like or share. But, the question is how can you make use of this platform intelligently to expand your reach? Do not worry, we will tell you the top secrets of how to get followers on Pinterest for a brand or individual.

Get Pinterest Followers for Your Brand:

Increasing the brand awareness for your brand is not an easy task. But, if you manage the social online reputation through Pinterest then you may enjoy visibility expansion.

1 . Use Quality Brand Image & Name:

You can easily increase the no. of followers on Pinterest by using the same brand name and quality image for the account that you are using on other platforms. Branding starts with the impressive introduction of the company/service name. Although you know that Pinterest is all about Images so the high-quality images with informative content get benefit in this social network.

2. The Complete About Profile:

It is always smart to provide a brief yet self-explanatory intro about the company or the work. Link your official website link to provide more authenticity to the respective business. Later on, you can link your profile with other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

3 . Always Pin New, Interesting and Trendy images, and Videos:

On Pinterest, it is important to know what you are promoting. Hence, make sure you select the interesting, trendy, and innovative images or videos to pin. You can upload videos related to your brand or company that discusses an event, achievement, celebration, etc. Add variation while choosing written vs. video content. Do not repeat something that can only make your account look filled and boring.

4 . Always Follow Famous Brands – The Trick!

The best way to become the famous is to follow other famous brands. Share the famous pins but only up to certain limit. Apart from sharing, follow what other brands are doing to make their brand famous. If you have any blog or article site then do not forget to add a Pinterest button to increase followers on this platform.

5 . Repin Content from Others

Repining others content or pins improves your board’s visibility, but make sure that you pin the relevant pins so that you can get the targeted traffic. I have used this trick to one of my board and it gave me high traffic and also helps me to grow follower base quickly.

These 5 tricks will help you to get more followers on Pinterest for lead generation and maintaining online reputation.

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