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  • 9th April, 2018


Edupristine and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a method or a marketing exercise performed using digital channels. The success and application of digital marketing is a future employment avenue for the upcoming youth.

EduPristine is one of the topmost digital marketing training institutes in India to make people digital experts in large number. It trains professionals and graduates who will not only help others understand different aspects of digital marketing but also give certification and cater to client’s needs.

About EduPristine-

It was started in 2008 by three IITians and a Symbian (Pawan Prabhat, Paramdeep Sinha, Atul Kumar and Sarita Chand).

Edupristine Courses –  Today Edupristine have more than 1500 teachers and more than 25 courses, some of the top-selling courses are –

  • CFA® Program
  • Big Data/Hadoop
  • Digital Marketing
  • Financial Modeling
  • ACCA Training

If you want to see the list of all courses then click here


It has trained over 15000 professionals on mobile marketing, accounting, and finance and risk management. It has created a metal in digital marketing industry creating placements for professionals.

EduPristine Branches-

  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Kolkata
  • Pune
  • Ahmedabad
  • Bangalore

Is it worth time and money?-

  • We can be mentored by experts and master it within a short span of time with the help of
  • It helps us learn and analyze on-page and off-page SEO and make decisions based on the analysis done.
  • The candidates can learn to strategize, measure and execute policies for their business under the guidance of trained corporates for reputed companies like Sony, ICICI, Toyota, etc.
  • They are officially Google partners in India.
  • It ensures comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing.

The beneficiaries?

  • Students aiming at the future digital marketer.
  • Corporate professionals working with reputed companies to build them up with digital marketing solutions.
  • Entrepreneurs or people who are willing to start their own thing.

Is EduPristine Digital Marketing Course, a successful investment?

  • Internet plays an important role today. Potential leads surf brands on the internet before making a purchase which involves knowledge of digital marketing.
  • Digital marketing helps in publicizing your brand and reach out to maximum people.
  • It is cost effective in comparison to the traditional marketing methods.
  • It helps compete with other growing industries.

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing in EduPristine-

The Pros-

  • Edupristine teaches all aspects of the subject unlike other online marketing and digital marketing courses offered and that too with mobile marketing in a time span of only 12 days.
  • You get an opportunity to be trained by the best training experts of the digital marketing group.

The Cons-

  • They do not specify the expertise in practical training experience in this course.
  • Vital information regarding EduPristine placement after completion of the course was missing on the website.

Edupristine Reviews from the alumni-

  1. Ashwin Prabhakara (marketing analyst, Webbazaar) reviewed it as an excellent program with a remarkable and overwhelming experience.
  2. Vikas Arora (Entrepreneur) reviewed that it enhanced his knowledge of digital marketing with relevant content and a great experience.
  3. Salman Khan ( reviewed that this course gave him the required knowledge in accounts and gives sincere thanks to the placement team of EduPristine who has helped him get a good job in a reputed company in Mumbai.
  4. Naman Sharma (Finance) has reviewed his good experience and has enhanced his knowledge.

Most of them have reviewed 4 stars rating out of 5 to EduPristine.

Apart from this, some have complained against EduPristine.

  1. An anonymous intern at EduPristine has reviewed no placement in this institute. It has been said that the company fools with high packages and fake promises in terms of placements. But in reality, will not send any good job profile.
  2. Manisha Sharma has reported a demeaning experience in terms of career prospects and job opportunities from this institution.

Apart from a few bad experiences, Edupristine manages to maintain its position in the digital marketing industry. Thus if you have an aim for a successful career in digital marketing, you should definitely opt for EduPristine. If classroom training with co-workers is your taste then EduPristine is definitely the best place to learn digital marketing.

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