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  • 19th September, 2021

Easily Convert Twitch Clips to MP4

Twitch is a video live streaming platform and is most famous for streaming games, Esports and music videos. It gained popularity in 2011 and attracts millions of viewers every month.

Twitch Clips to mp4 Converter Online

In America, Twitch is one of the leading streaming platforms to this date. Apart from gaming, sports and music, you can find yourself enjoying podcasts, art videos, cooking tutorials and many more lifestyle based content on Twitch. Twitch’s newest added feature is In Real Life streaming and the response that Twitch received has been magnificent. Its popularity attracted many investors but Amazon took a leap and in 2014 acquired Twitch for US$970 million.

Twitch being all over the internet attracted thousands of gamers, artists and other many people who saw an opportunity to build and grow full-time careers through the platform. Currently, Twitch caters to viewers from all over the world. The streamers can monetise their channels by streaming valuable, interesting, niche-related and eye-catching content apart from brand collaborations, advertisements and endorsements. If you think you have a skill that can attract and influence hundreds or thousands or millions of people, you can get started building your own brand today.

Twitch has many interesting added features apart from streaming, “Just Chatting” being the most popular feature currently, is breaking the internet. Twitch also lets the viewers save a stream within the platform so that they can go back and watch the video later. But this feature has its own limitations. If the streamer deletes the video, the saved video is gone forever. This limitation attracted many opportunists to build platforms that provide solutions to the said limitations. There are several third-party platforms that let you download Twitch clips online and you can save the clips forever. Clipzhub being the best online twitch video downloader lets you convert twitch clips to mp4 for free and is completely safe and secure to use.

Clipzhub is an online twitch video downloader that lets you save twitch clips in the blink of an eye. You can access the platform both from your PC and from your mobile phone. It comes in both light mode and dark mode, is free to use without any hidden charges and can be used to download unlimited clips at any point in time!

The online twitch video downloader, Clipzhub is well-designed, speedy, secure and smooth making the user experience satisfactory. This mp4 twitch video downloader lets you save twitch clips into mp4 format in a few easy steps.

  1. Copy the URL you want to download from Twitch Tv and paste it on the search bar
  2. Sit back and relax while the online twitch video downloader auto-searches your clip in a split second
  3. Click on the “Download” button to save the clip

There you go, you have your Twitch clip converted to mp4 format in no time. Currently, Clipzhub is functional as an mp4 twitch video downloader but soon it will launch online downloaders for other social media platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, VK, Instagram to name a few. If there’s a demand, Clipzhub might launch a Chrome Extension in near future. Go check out the website ( and convert and save your first twitch clip to MP4 today.

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