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  • 3rd May, 2017

Beginner’s Guide To Digital Marketing Buzzwords

If you are looking to make career in digital Marketing or you are already working in a Digital Marketing Domain, there are certain Buzzwords which you need to know, these buzzwords will simply make you effective and stand out from the others, In this post I am sharing Top 15 digital marketing Buzzwords which are overused in digital Marketing domain, Let’s See-

1. Clickability –

Clickability is a term which is widely used by the content marketers. It defines the desirability of a click in anchor text. It is also important because it shows the experience with content.

2. Immersive Experience-

This term is often used for engaging and eye-catching images. It comes light when a brand’s images are shared on social media networks. The immersive experience defines the how often the image engages one’s senses and may create a changed mental state.

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3. CPL –

CPL is an abbreviation stands for cost per like. It defines the cost of acquiring new fan for a Facebook page. The fan page Like can be acquired through a paid advertisement or any other earned media effort.

4. Snackable Content –

Snackable content is a key term of any digital marketing promotion. It is a short, sweet and eye catching a small piece of content. this type of content is works great for mobile consumers.

5. SoLoMo –

SoLoMo is an inclusive term which defines the 3 big factors of Digital Marketing, this acronym stands for Social Media, Local Marketing, and Mobile Marketing. This term is first coined by John Doerr and now it is widely popular in the digital Marketing domain.

6. Contextual Marketing –

It is an online marketing model contextual marketing is a process in which an advertiser targets consumer based on their search term or recent browsing experience.

7. Viral –

This term is often used in the Social media world, which describes a person, place, photo, video which is quickly spread across the internet.

8. Curator –

The curator is a web user who analyzes and contextualize a content and modifies it in a way that an end user can understand. If you are a twitter user or Tumblr user you are a curator in self.

9. KPI –

An abbreviation for Key performance indicator, this term used to measure the success of digital marketing campaign or business.

10. Native Advertising –

If you are using Google Ad sense to monetize your blog, then you can sense the importance of matching an ad to the blog. Native advertising is an advertising model in which an ad on a website behaves like a part of site’s content. This advertising platform is widely popular for content promotion.

11. Growth Hacker-

This term is coming to the limelight in recent years, it is a process of rapid experimentation across all other digital marketing channels. It is one of the most useful and efficient ways to grow any business.

12. Showrooming –

Showrooming is a practice of visiting a shop in order to observe a product before buying it online at a lower price. In a survey conducted by top business merchandise, it is revealed that nearly 50% of buyers were engaged in Showrooming in Holiday season.

13. Agile Marketing –

Agile marketing is a marketing initiative with aims to improve the speed, transparency, and predictability of a marketing function. These initiatives are quick, flexible and used for real-time changes.

14. Gamification –

Gamification is a Digital marketing technique which increases the engagement ratio of a product. It is a process of turning extrinsic reward into built-in rewards.

15. Social Commerce-

Social Commerce is an online marketing strategy that uses established social media networks to drive sales for a business. It is done through social interaction and user contribution.

If you are new in digital marketing field or having an expertise on any Digital marketing domain these terms are equally important for you.

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