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  • 23rd August, 2020

How Communication Skills Play A Vital Role In Kids Overall Growth?

Effective communication plays an important part not only in the corporate and social circles but also among children. Besides this, there are many reasons communication skills play a vital role in kids overall growth, such as:


Parents can nurture their kid’s communication skills effectively so that they express themselves with confidence and clarity. It comes handy in all aspects of life, such as resolving misunderstandings, language rules, etc. A child primarily begins to express by mimicking parents, friends, cousins, and other people in his/her groups. Parents should know that the more they communicate with their children, the quicker and earlier they will learn communication skills.


Young children hardly pay attention to the kids around them. However, as they grow older, they find friends and siblings to play games, develop interpersonal skills, and develop a social understanding. Therefore, parents pay keen attention to the social circles their kids join. It enhances or tarnishes their communication skills. The interaction skills come handy for kids as they grow even older.

They can participate in group events, class discussions, debates, dramas, presentations, quizzes, etc. Moreover, they won’t feel hesitant about sharing their feelings with their friends and family members.

Personal Growth

As mentioned earlier, children develop high self-confidence with interaction and event participation at their school. At the same time, they also enhance their personal growth in many other aspects. For example, a kid who can communicate easily would also incorporate excellent writing skills. Therefore, he/she may also receive good grades in language exams like Hindi, English, Tamil, and others. Additionally, the same skills come handy during the later stages of their lives when they conduct meetings, deliver instructions, carry out presentations, liaise with consumers, clients, suppliers, etc.

Open Doors For Better Opportunities

Children with excellent communication skills can open a window of opportunities unavailable to average or bad communicators. It begins with getting into an international school, moves on to joining an abroad institute, college, and university to receive their choice of degree. This phase is followed by climbing up higher designations in an organization without any hesitation. In addition to this, excellent communication skills also open opportunities like a translator, zone head, personal assistant, air hostess, etc.

During their school years, teachers might even choose children with knowledge and communication skills over others to win competitions and get recognition. Also, parents that have kids with excellent communication skills can help their kids join topnotch schools, socialize with others, build more friends, etc.


Although we have covered this point above, we would like to emphasize the importance of it. Children develop self-confidence during their early stages. Other kids become introverts and may not communicate much with their parents, friends, or people in their circles. Therefore, such children can have self-confidence but less than people who interact with others daily. 

Moreover, spoken english for kids is essential to make friends, join circles, participate in events, express themselves, and many more reasons. But self-confidence also comes from self-dependability. They can learn about their self-dependence by testing themselves or from others.

Nonverbal Signs

Children develop nonverbal signs of communication and carry them forward as they grow older. Such signals play a vital role in the corporate world and social circles. It may develop a friend’s environment around the person or make people reluctant to speak with such a person. Therefore, parents must pay heed to nonverbal signs of communication, such as eye contact, posture, walk, facial expression, etc. They need to guide children on the implications of wrong communication to learn about the dos and don’ts in the social world.

Avoids Behavioral Disorders

Excellent communication skills in kids instil self-confidence, boosts social IQ, and builds relationships while interacting with others. On the other hand, children with communication issues can develop social withdrawal, depression, low self-esteem, and other behavioural disorders. Thus, excellent communication skills provide a healthy growing atmosphere throughout their lives without the need for consultation

Curates Responsiveness

Listening is a vital part of communication skills. Children develop this habit the same way they develop others. But, more importantly, they develop the habit of responsiveness. It helps them to become a good listener, pay attention to others, and respond adequately. 

Therefore, kids with excellent communication skills grow up to become much more responsive adults than others. 

Moreover, kids understand the needs of their siblings, cousins, and friends. Therefore, their relationships last longer than most of the other kids of the same age. Additionally, as they grow older, they become responsive to their teachers, parents, and other people in their circles. Therefore, they keep on developing fruitful relationships throughout their lives. 

Furthermore, to pursue their dream jobs or universities abroad, they need to pass the IELTS General or Academic exam. They clear all sections of the exam with ease because of a simple skill developed during their early stage.

Broadens Their Social Circles

Children with excellent communication skills find it easy to join new social circles at their schools, outdoor parks, birthday parties, and other events. Moreover, they make others feel at ease around them because they can communicate their feelings without any hesitation. Therefore, they gather more friends around them within a short span. 

As they age up to ten years, they start participating in social circles with the same interests, opinions, discipline, etc. They may build social circles around the same group of people and invite them over to their residence.

Furthermore, kids with excellent communication skills grow older to become interactive adults and join critical circles relevant to their line of work. They carry forward the same openness and make other adults feel comfortable around them. 

Conclusively, communication skills play a vital role in kids’ overall growth because it helps them express their feelings, interact, develop self-confidence, open doors for better opportunities, and lead to personal growth. Additionally, it also makes them understand the importance of nonverbal signs, curates responsiveness, broadens social circles, and avoids behavioural disorders. 

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