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  • 6th March, 2017

Short Term Courses: Your pathway to a Brighter Tomorrow

Short-Term Job Oriented Courses for Students and Housewives

In Today’s corporate environment, companies need a candidate who can deliver more than the expectation. To keep yourself updated according to the trend, joining job oriented short term courses is always a good idea.

digital-marketing-course-noidaThese courses can help you to upgrade your technical and theoretical knowledge which will surely help you to excel in your professional career.

Some courses are based on classroom training and others can also be completed via online mode. The workforce training, career development training courses are best if you are looking for high pay and high demanding jobs.

The Importance of Short Term Courses:

Enrolling in a short-term course is now a trend among the youth of Delhi, Noida and they are now focusing on pursuing a specialized certification course alongside their job or degree programs.  These courses will not only develop a specialized skill set also complements their academic qualification or career journey.

Top 15 Short Term Courses for Job and Freelancing :

In this post, I am going to provide top 15 short-term courses in Delhi & Noida, which will help you to become an in-demand professional. These courses can increase your earning, skills in as little as 3 to 6 months let’s check it out.

Short Term Courses After 10th:

1. SEO Course:

SEO is one of the best job oriented computer courses of 2021,  the SEO professional works to improve the visibility of a targeted website in search engines. As the popularity of digital marketing is increasing, almost every company is increasing the budget on online marketing over traditional marketing.  

Here is an SEO introduction Video-

To increase the visibility on search engines, every business needs skilled SEO professional. In Delhi and Noida there are many institutes who are providing 3-6 months search engine optimization course and joining them is a wise decision.

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2. PPC Short Term Marketing Course

PPC is an acronym of Pay per click, which involves the process of driving sales and traffic from the search engines via paid advertising. The best part of PPC is that it gives direct and instant results. Today almost every business uses pay per click for increasing the ROI and brand awareness. In this job oriented short-term course, you will get familiar with common PPC tool including Google Adwords, Bing, and Facebook advertising.

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Short Term Courses after 12th

3. Professional Diploma in Graphic Designing:

The need for Graphic designers is increasing in all the marketing domain whether it is online media or traditional marketing. In this course, you will learn the art of visual representation of the thoughts.

Useful links:

This course is a complete blend of typography, photography, and illustration. Once you complete your graphic designing certification course, you can work as a Creative Director, Logo Designer, Visual Image Developer, Interface Designer, Art Production Manager in any company.

4. Short Term courses in Web Design and Technology:

Today, every business is dominated by the Internet, and every business needs its presence on The Web to advertise, promote and sell their services. by having a website, a business can represent itself into an online world.

This course enables you to make a responsive and engaging website which your visitor love to.

The duration of short-term web designing course ranges from 3 to 6 months. If you are computer savvy and has an interest in website creation then you can pursue this course. The best part of this course that there are endless opportunities that are available to work as a freelancer.

5. Animation Courses:


This is one of the best courses for the student of the art stream. This field requires creativity and skills, there are ample opportunities for job and career growth. Today the need for animation professionals is increasing day by day.

The 2D and 3D animation courses where the professionals used to show the shapes in synchronized frames in a quick span of time. Once you complete your course you can work in advertising companies, carton industry, cinema industry and other digital industry.

If you are looking for a short term course in Noida and Delhi for career perspective than enrolling in animation course will be a wise choice. There is numerous institute where you can master the art of Animation.

6. Content Writing Course for Girls and aspirant Writers:

If you love writing then content writing is the course which you have to pursue. There are endless freelancing & full-time job opportunities are available in this field. In this course, you will learn how to write effective content that engages the visitor.

All you need to basic English knowledge and if you are proficient in the English language then you can pursue a career in Content Writing.

7. Programming Language:

What about making a career in software development? sounds great right? Software development is one of the high-paying jobs, if you love coding then this profession will suit you. you can start learning ASP.Net, Java, C, C++, Python or any other programming language and work in the software development company. In Delhi, there are a lot of institutes which are offering short-term programming language courses.

In Delhi, there are a lot of institutes which are offering short-term programming language courses.

8. Professional Diploma in Computer Networking:

This is one of the best fields to choose from. The career in this field is amazing. Due to increases in the use of mobile, laptops, and the internet increases the opportunities and requirement for networking professionals.

Do specialization in this course and you will get the chance to work with industry giants HCL, HP, Orange etc. Networking Field is very wide you can go for CISCO networking courses or you can learn Python, Pearl, and Ruby (scripting language). Networking security is one of the highly demanding fields.

  • Certificate PC Hardware & Networking
  • Certificate in Network Administration
  • Diploma in Computer Application & Network Administration

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9. Ethical Hacking

It is one of the popular courses among youths, everybody wants a professional hacker.

If you want to make the career in this field so should have good knowledge of networking and programming. So choose the best training institute. We are providing hacking skills, how to keep secure your data from cyber-attacks. You will learn how to do penetration testing and you will familiar with ethical hacking tools. This course contains various program and we teach you how hackers make IP address With fake information (address).

This course contains various program and we teach you how hackers make IP address With fake information (address).

Certification program

  • Certified Security Analyst
  • Certified Forensic Investigator
  • Diploma in It Security & hacking

10. Stock Market Course:

What about making a career in the Stock market industry, stock market courses varies from 3 months to 6 months. Once you can understand the market methodology and tactics you can work as a technical analyst, market researcher, broker, financial advisor or Arbitrage.

Short Term Career Courses for Housewives:

11. Foreign Language Courses:

India is a global market, and there are a lot of foreigners who visit India every year. The only mode of communication is language, as the companies of India is progressing a rapid pace, the demand of professional who can remove the barrier of language is also increasing. the foreign language courses are short term and high in demand. You can learn French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese as per your interest.

12. Makeup Course:

A career in the Makeup industry is full of lavishness, this course is best for girls and housewives and a lot of opportunities to start your own business. You can join any makeup Institute where you can get in-depth knowledge of bridal makeup and airbrush makeup. Today when all men’s and women’s are looking to enhance their lifestyle then you can imagine the job opportunities in this field.

13. Hairdressing Course:

Hairstyle experts create a stunning hairstyle, and the demand for these professionals is on the boom in metropolitan cities. The short-term hairdressing course opens the endless job and business opportunities.

The best part of these courses is that this course can be completed in 1 to 3 months. If you are passionate about running your own saloon than this is one of the best short-term course for you.

14. Beautician Course:


The beauty industry is one of the booming industries with lots of career opportunities in the coming future. The work in this glamorous industry focuses mostly on enhancing a person’s look through various methods, including with a focus on the skin, hair, nails, and in some cases spa-like treatments.

If you are looking for a stylish career; then pursuing short-term certification Beautician Course from any recognized beauty Institute will be best for you. You can be placed in top brands saloon-like Lakme, Loreal, Habib, Shehnaaz, Looks and much more. Moreover, you can start your own parlour after earning a license and certificate of the completion of the course.


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15. Nail Art (Short Term Course)

If you want to make your career in the beauty industry; then you should go for Nail Art and nail extension Course which is trending these days and is high in demand. There are plethoras of Beauty institutes offering Nail Art Course at Delhi, Noida.

These short term certification courses give full knowledge about nails diseases and their treatments. One can start earning just after completion of course.

FAQ- We know you have still a few questions in your mind regarding the best short term professional courses, we have tried to answer some of them, I hope it will clear some of your doubts – 

Q. Do you offer short term professional courses in Delhi?
A. At course crown, we help you to choose the best institute for short term courses. We don’t offer courses.

Q. Can you list some technical courses in Delhi?
A. Yes, we have listed technical courses already mobile repairing, Digital marketing, graphic designing, animation, web designing all are technical courses, which you can do online or offline.

Q. Do I get a Certificate after these short term courses?
A. Yes, whether you do it those courses online or offline, you are eligible for the certificate after course completion.

Q. What will be the best short term course for ladies?
A. I would like to consider to follow the passion, all the courses listed above are suitable for both girls and ladies.

Q. Is there any 15 days course available in online mode?
A. Yes, you can opt for a digital marketing course which you can do online.

Q. Is there any short term weekend course in Delhi and Noida area?
A. Yes, Many institutes offering weekend courses as well, you can contact the institute for the same.

Best Short Term courses, as the name suggests, are a certificate or diploma course of short duration varies from a few weeks to a few months. These courses are highly job oriented and based on practical exposure meant to prepare students for any particular field.

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