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Do Follow Links Vs. No Follow Links

Do follow, Nofollow, no index, doindex links. I am sure you heard these term before but don’t know what they exactly is? This post is useful for those who are bit puzzled in this type of backlinks.

If you are a beginner in Digital Marketing World then you have to be clear about no follow and do follow links and the importance of these links according to the Google’s sight.
It’s time to know more about Do follow and no follow backlinks-“Now or Never”
Let’s go deeper in this topic.

History – Birth of No follow links

1. No follow is an attribute of HTML. Nofollow is inclu
ded in HTML5, before it was not introduced by the W3C.

2. The birth date of no follow link is January 18th 2005. After the birth of no follow link backlinking rose in popularity.

3. People understood that search engines likes links as ranking signal.

4. No follow links are the types of links that don’t allow Google bots to don’t follow the link hence no follow links don’t pass the link juice to the website.

Power of No follows links

In the ranking but help to reduce the toxicity of certain type of web spam. It helps to improve the quality of search engine results.

Syntax- <a href=”””” rel=””nofollow””>Google</a>


Do follow Links

Do follow links is a type of hyper link that tells google bot to follow the specific link and reach our website. Give us back link juice. Do follow helps to improve the search ranking of websites.

Syntax-  <a href=””>Coursecrown</a>

Note: Nofollow and do follow both are important as a SEO point of view. Do follow helps to increase the website ranking where as no follow reduce the toxicity of spam links.

Now question is what will be the ideal ratio for do follow or no follow baklink?

From my point of view the good or ideal ratio is 80:20.
It means 80% should be your no follow back links and 20% should be your do follow. Believe me it can trigger your website ranking.
But no follow is 80%?
Yes 80% do as many sins as you can these 80% no follow links will forgive you. 🙂

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