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  • 4th November, 2016

All About Display URL Policy | Guide for PPC Beginners

Display URL Policy For Google Adword Campaign

What is it? & why it is important for you to know about it. If you are driving the PPC campaigns

What is Display URL?

The display URL is the URL that appears below your PPC search ads. You can assume with display URL, that what type of content you will see after clicking the ads.

You can easily see the display URL; the text of display URL is Green in color.


According to the Google ad words, guidelines the length of display URL will be 35 characters long.

Display URL is the important part of PPC ads, with optimizing your display URL you can improve the performance of your Google ad words account.

You can improve these following things with it:

  • You can improve your ad words click through rate
  • Searchers are most likely to click on your ads
  • You can simply increase your conversion rate from well-optimized display URL’s
  • You can increase your quality score

For getting better user experience and providing relevant results google made significant changes to their display URL ad policies.

Let us explain this URL ad policy for getting better results.

According to the Google display URL Policy:

  • If your display URL is


  • Then your destinations URL must be:


These URL will not be acceptable according to the display URL policy:

  • Google will not accept any display URL redirects
  • Google will not accept two different URL that displays same content


If your landing page URL and display URL matches then your ads will be accepted.

If you are thinking about tracking URL? Then let me clear this concept for tracking URL.

  • If your display URL is-

  • If your destination URL is-

Landing page URL: will be acceptable

  • If your display URL is-

  • If your destination URL is-
Landing page URL: will not be acceptable

Display URL Policy for Sub-domains:

In case of sub-domains

If your sub domains match with your TLDs (Top Level Domain) then, it will be acceptable.


  • com/blahblah

These will acceptable because they match with TLDs

This was the simple and quick guide for all about display URL policy what Google ad words is using from 1st April 2008. So keep these policies in mind and Drive your campaign and get the best results.

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