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Dancing is one of the best ways to boost your feelings, it gives you a chance to take yourself away from the world for a while. Learning new dance moves not only gives confidence also gives the incredible sense of accomplishment and it reflects on day to day life. In Dance Classes in Delhi, you will learn techniques and footwork. The dancing tips which you will get from our instructor will surely facilitate aspiring young dancers.

These dance classes are for the person of all ages from kid to a mature person, because dancing rejoices the lifestyle. The cardio routine during the dance class enhances the lifestyle as well as fitness. Whether you are a novice or have a basic understanding of dance moves, our instructor who has over a decade of professional dancing experience will guide you through latest techniques. We believe in utmost training and our instructor will leave no stone unturned to make you an expert dancer.

Coursecrown offers various types of dance classes, private dance classes, jazz dance, tap dance, hip-hop dance, break dance, salsa dance, fitness dance classes and many more.

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Why Choose Us?

Dancing attracts almost everyone, and there are many people who want to join the dance classes to enhance their talent. Although there are many prominent dance academies in Delhi, but our wide range of dance classes makes us special. The other benefit of pursuing your dance passion with us are listed below

  • Different Schedule for Beginners, Improvers, Intermediates
  • Special dance session weekly and monthly
  • 1000+ Workout options
  • Dance Training from Specialized Trainers

Dancing Classes

Choose Your Style

In our dancing classes in Delhi, We teach multiple forms of dancing from boll wood to salsa. You can choose the dancing classes which attract you the most. Below are some dance forms and work out which are currently running. Start your dance training from Today.


Classical Dance

Classical dance is the epitome of Indian culture. This is one of the beautiful forms of dance. We offer training of all 8 forms of Indian culture dance: bhratnatyam, kathakali, kathak, oddisi, mohiniyattam, kuchipudi, Manipuri, sattriya.

These dances are originated during the ancient times. Indian classic dance will be taught by well known Guru's, teachers. In this module you will have to follow all the "paramapras" & desciples.

The course duration varies from 3 months to 1 year

  • Certification course for Beginners-3 Months Program
  • Certification course For Intermediates 6 Months Program
  • Advanced Certification Course- 1 Year Program.

Marriage Dance Classes

We offer dance classes who wants to learn dance for marriages or other functions. Marriage is the unforgettable days in everybody's life. Whether you are in a marriage, disco or in friend's party if you want to be a hero in the crowd then the dance is the only way you can follow and become popular. If you make that day more special then all you have to do is to join our marriage dance classes.

2 Months Classes + Dance on Your Favorite Song


Aerobics Dance

This is the easiest dance and very enjoyable. In aerobics classes the instructor will verbally command or show/ visualize the steps. It is the best way to lose weight and burn calories. It is the best options for those who are living in metropolitan areas have some extra fat on their bodies. To live a healthy life style nothing is better than aerobics.

No specific Duration. It depends on you, how long you want to do aerobics.


College Dance Classes

If you are planning to dance in your college fest then consider our choreographers/dance teachers. Shake the stage of your college by doing impressive dance. Build repo in front of friends and teachers or in the eyes of crowd.

Anytime: Learn dance on any of your favorite song 1 Month Before the fest, marriage or any other event.


Bollywood Dance

By enrolling in Bollywood Dance classes in Delhi you will learn to perform in popular Bollywood songs. this dance form also includes bhangra, folk and a little bit of Hip-hop dance.

Coursecrown provides best dance classes on bollywood songs in south delhi. Alog with you will also learn bhangra, folk dance and little bit of hip-hop. Our choreographer takes new hit songs and does innovative choreography on that song. Bollywood dance classes are available for peoples with any age even we also provide training to foreign peoples. Bollywood dance is becoming more popular in foreign countries so the crazes of dancing on bollywood songs are increasing.


B-Boying and Breaking

Move your feet to the hottest dance form with B-Boying and Breaking dance classes. Learn complete breaking including a windmill, flare, air-flare, head spin, handstand, jackhammer, flip etc.

Break Dance or AKA B-boying. It is one of the most challenging forms of dance. It requires a complete & continuous practice. Guidance of expert instructor will add extra magic and make you more confident to perform dance on every beat. It is very difficult to become master in break dance. It is the combination of gymnasts, yoga + martial arts.

  • The Toprock
  • The Drop
  • Power Moves
  • The Freeze
  • Windmills
  • Headspins
  • Jackhammer
  • Head Slide
  • Air Flares

+ Many more moves. Our instructor will instruct you in the best and the safest ways to do these above mentioned moves.


Belly Dance

Belly dancing is quite popular and especially youngsters have an affection to learn. This dance form is based on isolating body parts including stomach, hips, and shoulders.

It is the oldest form of dance that emphasizes on the movement of belly and hips (torso). The popularity of belly dance has spread across the globe. This dance suits best on females. It contrasts feminine. In this course you will learn the different techniques of belly dance: Percussive moments, fluid movement, shimmies, shivers & vibrations. We will instruct you belly dance from basic to advance level.

Course for Beginners- Basic Dance steps of belly dance. In beginner course we focus on correct postures and different techniques of moving torso and powerful muscle control.

Course for intermediate- You will learn skillful tricks and techniques to perform belly dance

Advance belly dance course-

We will mould you a novice to expert in this advanced course. You will learn all the challenging belly dancing techniques veil techniques and layered movements in this course.

  • Course Duration: Twice a week (for 3 hours)
  • Course Fees
  • Power Moves
  • Monthly- Rs.1900/-
  • Quarterly- Rs. 5400/-
  • Half Yearly- 9400/-
  • Yearly- 15000/-

Contemporary Dance

This Artistic dance is highly popular among youth where you will learn to use facial expression to convey the story. The moves in this dance form include bent knees, body swinging, jumps, and hops.

What is Contemporary Dance?

It is a form of dance basically combination of modern, jazz and classical ballet. The main motive of this dance is to connect the mind to the body. This dance is good for physical as well as mental fitness.

In this course you will learn different contemporary dance moves. You have to become more flexible while doing this dance. Our dance teachers will teach you the tips to become more flexible and the safe ways to do contemporary dance.

Beginners-We have a separate batch for beginners who never dance this style before.

Intermediate dance- In intermediate dance classes are for those who have experience of more than 6 years.

Advanced level- This course is designed for students who have experience of more than 9 years.

  • Course Duration Twice a Week (3 Hours Class) Weekdays Classes are also available.
  • Course Fees Monthly- 2500/-

Hip Hop Dance

It is one of the most eye-catching dance form, as a beginner you can start learning with locking, popping and lyrical hip hop. After that, you can practice the complex form of hip Hop dancing.

This course is designed for students to learn the art of hip hop. It is originated in African American neighborhoods. This dance is specially for young peoples who are flexible

  • Course Duration
  • Beginner certification- 3 months
  • Intermediate certification- 6 Months
  • Advanced certification- 12 months
  • 12 Hours- 1 Month
  • Course fees:
  • Monthly- 3000/-
  • Half Year-11000/-
  • Yearly-19000/-

Salsa Dance

Improve your balance and poise with a popular salsa dance, it is a social couple dance form and a perfect ice breaker to meet new people and improves your walk and move.

Fulfill your salsa dance craze by joining our salsa classes. Salsa is popular all over the world and the popularity is also increasing in India. Learn Salsa Dance from our expert's instructors and impress your partner. We also provide private dance classes if you are a bit of a shy person. Our Salsa Dance Lessons are ideal for people with all ages.

  • Beginner Salsa Classes- 3 Months Certification Course Program
  • Intermediate Salsa Classes- 6 Months Certification Course Program
  • Advanced Salsa Classes- 12 Months Certification Course Program

Tap Dance

Learn Tap dancing and mesmerize the audience by making sound with tap shoes hitting the floors. Our instructor will train you in both Jazz tap ad Broadway tap.

It is the most exciting & enjoyable form of dance. Tap dance is performed by tapping of shoes and heals on floor. Tap Dance is originated in the United States of America. The tap dance is performed on wide variety of music and our expert's trainers had invented new innovative dance steps for you.

  • Course Duration Twice a Week (3 Hours Class) Weekdays Classes are also available.
  • Course Fees Monthly- 2500/-

Jazz Dance

It's the best dance form for celebrating and relaxing. This dance form covers Street Jazz, Funk Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Broadway Jazz which will give a cross-training skills to the dancers.

It is the form of dance usually associated with piano, guitar and other musical instruments. The dance is originated by Africans in America.

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Break dance is the sub part of hip hop dance means break dance is a category of hip hop dance. Hip hop dancing styles are locking, popping, freestyles and many more. There are four parts of break dance: power moves, styles moves, top rock, down rock mainly consists arm movements, leg movements, spin, head spin on hip hop music.

We work on each student to provide those best training. A lot of institute in Delhi charges huge fees and provide in return- nothing. Our primary motive is to train and make you a dancer. Our trainers deliver mind blowing training to students. Based on student's reviews, which makes us the best institute in Delhi.

If you want to get a job in this field or you want to start your own dance school, so you should consider our training program. After coursecrown training program you will feel more confident and in future you won't face any problems. We provide backup support to our trainees so they can start their own dance school in any flurry.

If you are coming for demo class then you have to wear comfortable cloths /exercise wear.

  • Choreogerapher
  • Freelancer dance perforemer artist
  • Rehearsal Artist
  • Dance Critic
  • Dance teacher
  • Artistic Director
  • Dance Therapist
  • Stage Performers
  • Corporate Events
  • Film Industry
  • Rehearsal Artist
  • Reality Shows
  • Movie Production Houses
  • Television
  • Open Your Own Dance academy