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With Delhi, a massive metropolitan area of north India, it has many opportunities for pursuing an education in Digital Marketing. SEO, as a part of the digital marketing, is always a flourishing career opportunity. We have started SEO training in Delhi, with the aim to make skilled SEO professional. Our training program covers basic to advance tactics of search engine optimization.


Importance of SEO Training

SEO has been an important aspect of generating revenue from the internet. Today when every business needs a website, and a website needs the visibility. SEO was always been an important pillar of Digital marketing but in last few years its popularity has skyrocketed. In our SEO training in Delhi, you will learn how to get high visibility by staying top of the search results.

In Our inclusive, result oriented SEO training course, you will learn the tips to complete makeover to increase the website performance over Google and other search engines. Today, 70% searches happen on mobile devices, optimizing a website for mobile search is a wonderful idea to increase sales from Mobile devices.


Do you have a website but no one can find you?

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SEO Course: Training Modules

Our SEO Training course is divided into 12 modules. These modules will cover the real mathematics of Search engine optimization Process. Our live training and case study based learning approach will prepare you for the online world. Learn and implement Search Engine Optimization techniques that produce the best results.

  • 1.SEO Overview

    A brief overview where you will get the knowledge about what actually SEO is. The guidelines and steps to get top ranking on major search engines.

  • 2.SEO Techniques

    In this module, you will learn about black hat, white hat and gray hat techniques of SEO. We will give a detailed overview of which type of techniques you need to follow for better results.

  • 3.Keyword Research

    This is one of the important parts of Search engine optimization process. In this module, you will learn how to find low competition, high converting keywords & long tail keywords.

  • 4.On Page Optimization

    On page SEO is a foundation of the website, in this module, you will learn about Meta tags, content optimization, website speed optimization and other factors to make website search engine friendly.

  • 5.Content Creation

    Content is not king! But it is very important for the website. In this training module, you will learn why your website needs high-quality content? How can duplicate content hurt your site?

  • 6.Google Algorithms:

    To achieve higher ranking on search engines, you must aware about Google guidelines. In this module, you will learn all about google updates and a DIY guide to protect your website from getting penalized.

  • 7.Off Page Optimization

    Learn how to create do follow back links to build the authority of a website. You will also learn the proven link building techniques & strategies. Off page, optimization is the best part of this SEO training in Delhi.

  • 8.Structured Data Markup

    In this module, you will learn how structured data markup can help you get ranking. Learn how to update the data of your website so that Google and search engines can understand the data of a web page.

  • 9.Google Webmaster

    Once you complete your keyword research, on page SEO, and started the link building campaign, it is the time for monitoring the results. This free tool of Google will help you to identify best keywords, top pages and also find website errors for you.

  • 10.Sitemaps & Robots.txt

    In this module, you will know about the role and types of sitemap in website optimization. How robots.txt can control the visibility of your site in search engines. How can you exclude any specific pages from Google search?

  • 11.Google Analytics

    A blend of webmaster and analytics will major your success in Google. Google analytics will help you to track your website visitors, their location, and behavior into a smart dashboard. In this module, you will learn how to set a goal, optimization of the funnel so that you can decrease the bounce rate of a website.

  • 12.SEO Strategies & Case Studies

    After successful completion of all modules now it’s time to make SEO strategies. In this module, you will get knowledge about industry trends & case studies which will help you to make a successful SEO strategy.


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Outcome of SEO Training Program
  • Conversion Optimization by increasing website speed
  • Web page optimization so that your content will be high quality, informative and authorities.
  • Strategies for website optimization to get more traffic from search engines.
  • Link building from high-quality sites.

Search engine optimization is a technique to increase the traffic to the targeted website through search engine by improving its ranking. It needs a strategic plan and practice to list the website on top of the search results page. In order to implement it, one needs to pursue SEO Training Course which includes how to craft SEO plan, what Basic SEO guidelines need to be followed, and which SEO action you need to optimize a website.

Enroll in best SEO Course of Delhi, Win the SEO Game & lead The Search Engines With advanced SEO Training.

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