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PPC is really an act of buying Traffic on Search engine such as Bing or Google, in lot of companies this is primary metric for new customer Acquisition. If you ever did search on Google or Bing you have seen Ads or sponsored result at top of the page. These are the Search Ads. If you are an internet savvy then you have seen various types of display ads as well in Google partner sites. Today PPC is one of the best way to generate the direct profit for the businesses. Today there are lot of career opportunities in this field. Enrolling in our PPC training program will make you an expert PPC professional.

Google Adwords

Today almost every business use Adwords to get results in quick time. In Google Adwords we can target visitors as per the location, demographics and device. As per the latest reports there are 634 people in India are Google Certified, so it is great chance for you to make a Bright Career in this field.

Facebook Advertising

In recent years, Facebook Emerges as a Primary source for Brand promotion, there are 1.49 billion active members in Facebook and more than 22 billion ad clicks happens in each year which makes it preferred advertising medium for Search Engine Marketers.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads are cheaper, less competitive and have better control over search partners. If you would like to advertise on US/ UK than it is one of best program after Google Adwords. In this PPC Training Program You will learn Basic to advance level concept of Bing Adwords.

About Google Adwords & Certification Training

PPC /SEM as the name suggest "advertiser have to pay amount if the visitor click on their advertisement". It is an essential digital marketing strategy for every business, which is used to generate traffic to the website. PPC can drive quality traffic hence it can give you high ROI and instant visibility in the search engine.

What You Will Learn ?

Our PPC Course covers basic to advance level of PPC Training. In one course you will learn Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Ads. In PPC Training Course students will learn Keyword Research, Campaign Structuring, Adwords Editor, Adcopy Creation Basics, Tracking and Reporting etc.

PPC Training Course - Syllabus

Introduction to PPC & Adwords

Get comprehensive knowledge of PPC framework, which covers account structuring, adwords guidelines to increasing the ROI of a businesses.

Account Setup and Billing

Learn how to setup an adwords account from scratch, know how to setup and structure an account for Positive return on investment.

Campaign Setup

Setting up a campaign is one of the most important things for generating the positive ROI, Learn best tips and tricks to optimize a campaign.

Ad groups and Keywords

Know the importance of ad groups, keywords in a successful Adwords campaigns. Get industry insights and get an opportunity to work on live projects.

Ad formats and Guidelines

There are different types of Ad formats in Google search, display, shopping, face book and Bing ads. Learn how to create those and how you can optimize for better results.

Bidding Strategy and Matrices

After the setting up a campaign, it's time for choosing the best bidding option. Know different types of bidding types available in PPC, and how to select the best one.

Display Network Marketing

There are lot of opportunities to grow business via display network, learn how you can leverage the display network for your business growth.

Shopping Ads

Learn the basics of shopping campaign, connecting shopping campaign to Google merchant canter, PLA campaign optimization, uploading feeds etc.

Video Marketing Campaign

Discover the endless branding potential of video network via Google Adwords for video. Learn how to set up an effective branding campaign via adwords.

Remarketing Campaign

Decrease your cost per conversion via remarketing campaign. Lean how to retarget your website visitors and know how to create different types of remarketing list.

Conversion tracking

This is one of the most important part for tracking the success of online campaign, learn how to set up conversion tracking and how you can decrease the CPA by conversion optimization.

Google Analytics

Learn how to Connect your adwords account with Google analytics, how to import goals, lists and step by step guide to track campaign performance via one of the best free tool of Google.