Gemology Courses - Make Career in Excellent world of Diamonds, Gems & Jewelry


The scientific study of gemstones and jewelry is referred as Gemology. In Gemology course, you will learn The scientific study of gemstones and jewelry is refeemology and get expert skilled in the use and application of precision gemological instruments. We are one of the leading gemology institutes where you get the quality classroom and online training at lowest fees.

As we all know the importance of Gemological testing for its accurate appraisals, In our state of art gemology lab, you will learn to perform the refractory test, mapping of color-coding and analysis of color and cut.


Why Should You Enroll in Gemology Courses Delhi?

Today, when the demand of Synthetic & Treated stones has increased in the Indian market, the need of skilled professional has dramatically increased. Whether you want to start your own gemstone or jewelry business or looking for a job in this field, certification Courses in Gemology will help you to achieve your goals.


Get an understanding of Gems and Jewelry


Learn the key basics of Gemstones


Expand knowledge on gems appraisal and Gem buying tips


Gem classes by world class instructors

What will You Learn in Gemology Training Course?

We offer excellent programs for learners who are interested in Gemology Course. Some specialization courses include graduate in Gemology, applied jewelry, a certification program in stones, and graduation in diamonds. The students who enroll in these courses need to complete their curriculum in order to get certification along with dedicated project work. Apart from that you will learn the following things in this course

Gemology Course Syllabus
  • Colored Stone Grading
  • Diamond Grading
  • Gem Identification
  • Pearl Grading
  • Advanced Stone Setting
  • Basic Repair and Setting, Casting
  • Complete Wax Techniques
  • Mold Making

Outcome of the Gemology Course Program

Gemology course program is designed to make learners professional gemologists. After the completion, of course, you will be able to analyze the market value of gems, gemstone quality, diamond identification, metalsmithing, and jewelry fabrication.