Google Dance: Unstable Search Rankings?

Do you ever heard about Google dance? If you not then this is a chance to know about it.


Every SEO specialist is familiar with Google ranking. But when it comes to Google dance, people face challenges.

Know what Google dance exactly is? Why it is important for a Search engine optimization expert.

Google dance does not mean that Google do dance. It means ranking dance. It is the period of time when Google rebuild its ranking, Google’s spiders are very dedicated, makes a lot of monthly changes in SERP’s, and find the right spot (position) of websites, so it affect your ranking, your ranking will fluctuate widely from 3-4 days of period. Variation of ranking can be huge; your site may be disappearing from Google rankings.


Google test new algorithm and help people to provide the relevant result. So as a result Google make changes and must try to re-index. May be the period can be 15-20 days or may be 1 to 2 months. Hence we face the Google dance. I know it’s frustrating for SEO experts to face this type of problems.

Notice: Your competitors are also making back links, and hence bots are confused the good ranking for your site.

So, what is the solution of Google dance?

I will tell you the techniques to get stable ranking, it will takes 15-30 days to get stable. Pick these strategies and get freeze your rankings on top of the results.

Sit back relax and note your fluctuation, how your keyword ranking drop or increase, and then work according to the Google guidelines.

  • Build high domain authority back links.
  • Create back links on relevant websites.
  • Post content daily or each week to your website, content should be unique.
  • Ping your web pages through pingler or other tools.

Don’t worry Google dance will last up to few weeks or may be 1-2 months. And after that you will get stable ranking.