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  • 24th September, 2016

Top 6 Video Games So Far | Play Before You Die  

Warning: Restricted Post: For Pro gamers and game designers only | NO NOOBS

Games are fun!  It is the part of everyone’s life. And not just kids are addictive either in fact 34 years is the average age of Gamer’s. Year by year or month by month new game releases and comes with great animation and visual effects.

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A year for the gamers, would not be wrong to say

In this post I will tell you about the games that shook the gamer’s heart in 2016. The games that changes the view of world. These games are only pro player. If you are a pro player you should have to play this game before die.

So sit back relax and put your feathery cap to the side.There we go…


1. Devil May Cry Special Edition

One of the favorite games for pro gamers and a lot to learn for animation students. The game is developed by Capcom and created by Hideki Kamiya. If you are hardcore gamers this game will suit your minds where you will face and fight with demonic hordes. IN previous version of dmc 4 the main characters were Nero and Dante but in this version you can unlock 3 new characters and now total 5 playable characters. Trish, lady, and the apple of eye Vergil. “Cool”



6. Far Cry Primal

The game is developed and created by Ubisoft.

It is first person shooter being able to make 10000 BC year trip back in the time. Ubisoft done their job beautifully. If you want to play this game you have to be savage and look alike aboriginal- No I am just kidding. You have to just buy this game and can enjoy the ancient time. It is very adventurous and the graphics are mind blowing. Far cry primal get the average rating. I don’t know why? Play this game and know nature to the close.



5. Rise of Tomb Raider

Who says this game is for girls. It is my first adventurous game when I play anniversary. I found myself lost. The series is wonderful. I strongly recommend you to play this game. The game is developed by British company CORE Design. In this game you will fight with environment which is full of traps and numerous enemies. The game hit the imdb rating successfully. The VFX Is awesome. Students who are doing VFX, a chance to learn what is VFX is from this game.



4. GTA V

This is an open world action adventure game developed by Rock star north. A lot of gamer’s were waiting for this game. This game won a lot of awards, best VFX award for the game. You can play this game in different modes and which is a good thing and this game won’t bore you for years.



3. Battlefield 1

The game is scheduled to release on October 21st 2016. Battlefield 1 is a first person shooter game developed by EA DICE. Battlefield shows that why call of duty is outdated.

The game is based on world war 1st. So a great chance to know what happened in world war?


2. Darks Souls III

It is an action-adventurous game developed by FROM SOFTWARE. The fourth part of dark soul series.This is the fastest selling game for Bandai Namco.

This game is very challenging and it will get you very angry. Darks souls 3 are a ton of fun. In this game you will meet and fight with skeletons and enormous dragons which it will thrill you on every step. Enjoy the cool character designing and animation.



1. Forza Horizon

This game deserves 1st place ranking. Forza horizon 3 is….. Is what?

Not enough words to describe about this game. I can’t describe the beauty of this game in words.

It is an open world racing Motorsport video game published by Microsoft studios and developed by Playground games.

When I first saw the trailer I thought that it is a movie but I was wrong. It’s a game. Nice VFX, animation graphics whatever. The release date is 27 September 2016. You have to watch the trailer of this game and you will know why 2016 is a golden year for the gamer’s.


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