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  • 26th September, 2016

How You Can Improve Your Ranking With Google Plus?

It is true that social media sites help in attracting traffic to a specific web page or website. Like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus popularly known as G+ has started to appear amongst the top tools to improve SEO ranking. On a rough estimate, there are more than 500 million people using Google products all over the world. G+ has become the main door of interaction for marketers, visitors, and other people. Google Plus is directly associated with potential traffic platforms like You Tube that provides direct search results.


G+ Engagement is important, Why?

Google Plus is important since it is one of best products of Google. We have our email account on Gmail, save files and folder on G drive. If someone is using G+ then he is actually making his brand impression strong. To get a good rank on search page results, this platform is a good factor.

If we compare Facebook and Twitter on indexing then Google Plus is the good result. Now, how to improve SEO ranking with Google Plus is a not a big mystery. Few points to remember and here you will get the result.

1. Enjoy the Do Follow Links:

The first link added to Google+ will share the link to the other website, which means it is a DoFollow Links. In SEO techniques DoFollow link is an important factor to rank. Hence, if you are sharing the website link then you are getting the link juice. It also helps in ranking on specific keywords.

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2.  Using Google Authorship is the Best Idea:

If you want to stand out from other posts then start using Google Authorship that is one of the most valuable tools for content protection. Google Authorship helps in gaining trust and loyalty with a sense of professionalism. Hence, add your articles and blogs or even images under Google Authorship. You can see the difference that your name will appear in the search results.

3. Hype Your Google Plus Page:

At times, we have to make the story interesting to attract the number of visitors. To do this, you do not have to use your edited image instead make the fullest use of about pages. If any visitor would find the page using it will make a strong online presence on the social network. Add links to the page, website, blogs, or article information on the main page.

4. Optimize page is Best Mantra:

Without professional help, you can easily optimize the Google Plus Page. So, firstly use a keyword rich title but do not go for too much stuffing. Use custom page URL that will be something like Company Name. Now, comes the Meta description part which is inclusive of the tagline and the first two sentences. The words limit is only 160 characters.

5. Content Posting Techniques:

Like a parent, Google Plus also drives huge traffic on good content posting. If you already have an attractive profile with Google authorship then the quality content should be your next focus. Make use of good titles, summary, link, commentary, engagement, hash tags, and clear image. Short and precise content with summary would work the best to improve SEO ranking with Google Plus.

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