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  • 19th September, 2016

Quick Steps to fix a Water Damaged Mobile Phone

Tensed of roaming here and there? Getting frustrated because first you have spent bundles of money in buying an expensive phone and now on its repairing? You have by mistake, dropped your phone into the pool, sink, or toilette. Do not panic. If you act a bit clever, you can save your lot of pennies. You can follow certain steps right away in order to get your mobile phone repaired if it is damaged. Getting wet in water might affect the functioning of a phone.

How to fix a water damaged phone that wont Turn on?

Read the article further and know how you can fix a water-damaged Mobile phone in easy steps, without even spending lot of money.

  • After getting wet in water, your mobile device might have been switched off. If it is not turned off, switch it off quickly. Gently remove the protective casing such as Micro SD cards, your SIM cards from their respective slots. Open the back cover and smoothly remove the battery.
  • Make sure, your phone is dry. If it is not dry, use some paper towel, a cloth, or a sleeve to dab your phone dry. Avoid spilling any liquid around because that will make the moisture enter the phone. This needs to be avoided.
  • If water damages are quite extensive, use a blower or a vacuum to gently such water from the phone. Important is to keep in mind that any small part like micro SD card, battery, SIM card must be out of moisture and it should not be wet.
  • Let your phone dry for a day or two. Do not even dare to switch it on if it works. Use some other phone but let this phone dry for at least two days. After 2-3 days, making sure that it is dried properly, insert the battery into the phone. Switch on the phone.
  • If your phone still does not start, try charging it once. In case you feel that it is not charging, then your battery must have damaged. You need a battery replacement at once, or the time has come when you need to take your phone to a repairing expert.
  • In case, your phone has started working properly after switching it on, then wait and use it for some couple of days. Check if your touch screen is in proper functioning. Ensure it by opening different applications in order to check the smoothness of the system.

Also, open the music and try playing stuff so that to know if the speakers are in right condition. Suggestion from my side, avoid taking your phone to the places where you feel that it is wet. This will save your phone from damaging and save your money and time.

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