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  • 21st September, 2016

5 Basic problems being faced in Android Mobile Devices


Having an Android mobile phone in your hand is so common. You do not have to worry about your payment of the bills, destination to reach, way to follow, staying in contact with the people because this small gadget will guide you in every way. Android mobile devices are the gadgets which are designed to bring you to your ease in terms of work.

When such useful mobile devices face problems in their functioning, you tend to get disturbed. The only thing that revolves in your mind is how to repair or fix the existing issue in your android device.

Let us now go through some basic problems that people face generally while using Android Mobile Devices:

Problem 1 – My Android phone has frozen:

Solution- In such cases, when your mobile phone has frozen, I have a perfect solution for it. Give a quick restart your phone or you may switch off the phone and restart it again. This will bring you back the same stability and efficiency in your Android phone.

Problem 2 – Insufficient space on your phone:

Solution- When your phone is full of memory and wants to add some more applications but you cannot. In this case, you need to use Clean Master (if not installed in phone, download it from Google Play). After using it, running applications will close down. You may also move phone applications to external SD card. This will lower down the pressure of memory in your phone.

Problem 3 – SD card is not recognized:

Solution- At times, you see a message being indicated in your phone. it says that your SD card is no longer recognized. To tell you, SD card can get corrupted and the most effective solution is to re-format them. This may be done using a desktop or any PC. Format your phone for better results. This will clean the uncache data and running applications in background.

Problem 4 – Phone with a broken screen:

Solution- Walking or playing and suddenly, you lose your phone to ground. Your phone screen gets a crack. Now you cannot stay with a broken screen. Do not worry. Your cracked screen can be repaired as most phones have parts available in the market easily. Forget about buying a new device.

Problem 5 – Water damaged phone:

Solution- By mistake, many accidents take place and you do not even realize what you have done to yourself. One such example is dropping your android mobile device in water. This will surely result in mal-functioning of the phone. Best solution to it: place your device in a rack of rice for a day or two. Afterwards, use a dryer or a blower to dry all water contents inside the mobile.

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When everything fails, you cannot fix the issue on your own, there are service centres. You can take guidance and seek help from them. They have mobile repairing experts and professionals, who repair all defects in mobile devices.

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