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  • 15th November, 2016

What is Internal Linking | How To Do It Effectively?

Undoubtedly there is no wrong if we say content is the king when we talk in the context of digital marketing. Being a marketer we know that when we create a quality content, it is highly very important to make sure that what we have created is compatible with both search engines and visitors. Let me tell you one thing a creative content is not enough, it requires strong internal linking to supporting SEO by driving traffic to your other pages.

Internal linking is something which plays a crucial role in improving SEO of your targeted website, as it helps initiate site architecture and spread the link juice. Making it not so complicated internal linking simply is a hyperlink embedded on one page of the domain, which is linked to other pages of the same domain.

What is internal linking?

When we apply Search Engine optimization technique to improve the ranking of the targeted website, the links we implant in one page, which takes the user to another page of the same domain. This process is used to pass along “link juice,” from one page to another.

When marketer does strong link building on his targeted website, it becomes more valuable for search engines. However, internal pages linked with each other through various hyperlinks pass some of their link juice, which helps to improve the visibility of the website.

When we define it technically, in simple terms internal Links are hyperlinks that implanted as a navigation element in a page of your website, that land the user targeted page of the same website.

Why is internal linking important?

Helps in Crawling

The internal links implanted on the web pages or websites offers an easy navigation for both users and search engines. It facilitates the users to crawl through your websites and find out the relevant information they are looking for.

An effectively created internal link structure enhances the site’s crawl efficiency. When a marketer builds a strong internal architecture, it will further help the Google bots to dig out deeper pages that are not often visited. These embedded links can accelerate the visibility of other pages and help your targeted website rank higher overall.


Internal links offer a gesticulation that would help you to build information hierarchy on a website, normally measured by the number of times you have implanted links to that page. Simply, if you wish a particular page in your website requires more importance, you build links to it more frequently.

Internal Link helps Spread the Link  Juice

Internal linking is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization, as it helps the marketer to spread the link juice of your website to other pages of your site which are going deep on the search engines pages. When you implant backlinks to a particular page on your site, it helps the users to land up your lesser visible pages.

Internal linking enhance page views

As it is already known to everyone, high-quality anchor texts pull the users to navigate your website. If you post relevant and quality content through internal linking, they will get pulled and try to dig out more information. Thus it results from a rise in the possibility of your site conversion rate.

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So, while you are doing SEO for your website, don’t forget to implant the internal links as it will help your website to score well online.

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