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  • 24th April, 2016

Digital Marketing Course- Ramkrishan Ashram Marg Delhi


Digital Marketing Course Paharganj Rk Ashram Marg Delhi

Module 4 – ||  Search Engine Marketing  ||

We have discussed about what is SEO? In our previous post, now today we’d like to discuss about SEM.

Allow us to formally define SEM

According To Wikipedia,

“SEM- Search Engine Marketing. It is the way of promoting the product and services of a company through paid ways.

It means the way of promoting a business through paid advertising.

In SEM we will walk through and learn how to manage PPC campaigns with the adwords tools.

Well I used the term PPC here…

What it means in the terms of digital marketing?

PPC (pay per click) – It means your business have to pay on each and every click when a user click on advertisements. Adwords tools allow us to show the advertisement on google search result and on different partner websites.

It generates quality traffic to your site. But you have to pay for it rather than generate traffic organically which is free.

Well this seems interesting…

I Hope you understand about PPC about a bit. To know more about ppc in details read this guide or enroll yourself for complete digital marketing course paharganj rk ashram.

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