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Digital Marketing course in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune

Want to know digital marketing course Fees? Then, You are in Right Place!

Due to the change in the field of advertising, slightly shifted the advertising momentum from offline advertising to online marketing. In 2018, almost every small and big industry is using Digital Marketing for brand promotions and customer acquisition.

Digital marketing is the need of the hour. The reason is

In GOOD TIMES, people want to advertise; in BAD times, THEY HAVE TO.

Every company needs an expert who can handle the Digital Marketing Campaigns for their business. To handle the online marketing campaign, one must have expert hands, so that he or she can take a challenge and fulfill the demands of a company.

The right skill set can only be achieved by training. Well probing, about the institute in a hub (Google universe) is sometimes a difficult or very time-consuming process.

Before enrolling in any institute, you have to look up the fees, placement record and the courses they are offering.  What if, you get these details in a single place, so you can easily scrutinize which is the best institute for you according to your requirements?

So, the Coursecrown is come up with the list of institutes. Now you can easily choose the institute that interests you and within your budgets. All you have to do is read this post, and you’ll be off to your career in digital marketing.

Digital marketing course Fees Details of Institutes in Delhi NCR –

Delhi is the hub for both Job and education, In recent years, many institutes have started their digital Marketing training program. You can find the institutes in South ex, Rohini, Saket, Dwarka, Janakpuri, Karolbagh, Laxminagar, Noida area.


The one thing which is more important than fees is the quality of training. You can find a Digital Marketing course is as low as 15,000 to 75,000/- but if you are not getting the proper training then it will all go in vain.

Below I am sharing the Fees of some Top Internet marketing institutes in Delhi.

Institute Name
CourseDurationFeesPlacementGoogle Ranking
DsimAdvanced Digital Marketing Training Program (ADMTI Certification)2 months, 4 months, 5 monthsRs. 64,917 + TaxesYes1
HiaimAdvanced Digital Marketing Course Certification1-3 monthsRs. 32000 + TaxesYes2
Digital VidyaCERTIFIED DIGITAL MARKETING MASTER (CDMM)6 monthsRs. 49,900 + Service taxesYes3
Delhi CoursesAdvanced Digital Marketing Certification Course1-2 monthsRs.15000NA4
Expert Seo InstituteDigital marketing course3 monthsRs. 29,250+TaxesNA6
SimplilearnOMCP Certification (Advance Online Marketing Certification Training)Rs. 49, 999+ TaxesNAmore than>10
AIMA, DelhiProfessional Certificate in Digital Marketing and Analytics6 monthsRs. 36000 +TaxesNAmore than>10

Note – The ranking can be shuffled, as Google continuously updates its algorithms. But it is an average position in search engine results.

Internet marketing course Fees Details of Institutes in Bangalore –

Institute Name Course DurationFeesPlacementGoogle Ranking
InventateqDigital Marketing Training Program3 MonthsNAYes1
WebmarketingacademyDigital Marketing Course3 MonthsRs. 75000Yes2
NidmindiaHybrid Digital Marketing2 MonthsRs. 35000NA3
EdupristineDigital Marketing Course60 HoursRs. 33000NA6
IndrasacademyDigital Marketing Course40 HoursRs. 20000NA4

Online/Digital marketing course Fees Details of Institutes in Mumbai –


Institute NameCourse Duration FeesPlacementGoogle Ranking
DMTIAdvanced Program in Digital marketing3-5 YearsRS. 26,100 + TaxNA3
Digitalmarketing.acDigital Marketing Certification Program1-3 monthsRs. 30,000 + TaxesNAmore than>10
Learning CatalystDigital Marketing Certification2 monthsRs. 29500 + TaxesYesmore than>10
DigitalmarketingtrainingADMD Plus3 monthsRs. 38700+ TaxNA1
Operating MediaDigital Marketing program3 monthsRs. 28000NA2
OptronDigital Marketing Course3 monthsRs. 33,000Yes10

Internet Marketing Course Fees Details of Institutes in Pune –

Institute NameCourseDurationFeesPlacement Google Ranking
Lips IndiaAdvance Digital Marketing Certification2-3 MonthsRs. 25000-29000NA1
School of Digital MarketingDigital Marketing Course Certification3 MonthsNAYes2
SEO Training Institute PuneDigital Marketing Course3 MonthsNANA3
Seed InfotechAdvance Digital Marketing Course3 monthsNANA4

Digital Marketing



Course Duration : 3 -6 Months

Topics to master in this training program

Website creation ConceptOn-page optimizationOff-page optimization Organic optimization
CopywritingSocial Media Optimization PPC/ CPC, Keywords, biddingVideo Marketing
Conversion trackingContent marketingEmail MarketingDigital Display Marketing
Google Ad sense

Internet terminologiesMobile MarketingAffiliate MarketingWord press Training
EcommerceConversion OptimizationInternet marketing toolsMarketing strategy

Advantages of Joining this Program-

  • 100% Placement Support for Freshers Working Professionals.
  • Simulation-based Live Project Training.
  • Professional training by highly skilled Trainers.
  • Google Adwords,  and Digital Marketing Certification.
  • Google analytics certification Preparation.
  • Freelance Support to Generate Earn Money Online.
  • Job Interviews Preparation Support.
  • Blogging and Workshop on Google Adsense.
  • A special session dedicated to generating leads for business.
  • Digital Marketing Training is for: Freshers, Business Owners & Working Employees
  • 140,000+ digital jobs predicted by 2021.

Valuable Elements of Digital Marketing Course –

We often ask, ‘what digital marketing course is all about’? Who can do it? and what is the future scope of the same?

In simple terms,

Digital marketing is inclusive of marketing on the web. It could be for products, services, both or any cause.

The course guides the steps or techniques to become popular on internet based on business related keywords. But, the training is not merely about keywords. Institutes offering SEO/PPC/SEM/SMO courses provide a comprehensive learning environment to help an individual grow as an online marketing expert.

Key things to MASTER in Digital Marketing Course :

Digital arena is quite big in India, and so the Digital technology is. There are e-commerce companies, businesses, and government based organizations planning how to outscore the online competitor. Hence, the valuable elements of digital marketing course would be the concepts that will provide a complete insight of the industry.

By knowing these concepts or elements one can join company hiring people with internet marketing skills. Let us understand what elements are the most important one?

1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization

There are two forms of SEO – online/offline. These two forms the backbone of digital marketing training. It focuses on how search engines work, how we can make a web page optimized so that it gets a top rank in SERP.

There are codes, algorithms, and technical terminologies in SEO such as Meta Tags, Page Rank, HTML Sitemap, Alexa, domain authority, page authority, redirects, backlinks, etc.

2. Social Media Optimization

As per the latest report, nearly 2/3rd of the online population uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

How one use social media for promotion of their business is an important trick to learn?  Yes, it is because lead generation activities through social media are becoming quite popular these days.

3. Search Engine Marketing –

In digital marketing course, SEM mainly covers the paid marketing techniques. It includes running Google PPC campaigns, YouTube campaigns, email marketing and much more.

Many people distinct search marketing from PPC since it is complex and professional. For running PPC bidding procedure, AdWords managers are hired in the companies. We will train you and prepare you for google and bing certification training. so that you can clear the exam and become a Google certified Digital Marketer.

>> Summer Internship – PPC training in Delhi <<<

4. Mobile SEO

This newly entered element has captured the attention of marketers in last few years. Mobile internet marketing is now seen as the future of SEO in India.

Web developers design SEO optimized mobile-friendly web pages and applications for Android, Windows and Apple platforms. These four valuable elements of digital marketing course are used in every online project. Industry experts can choose their job related to their skills.

 5. Lead Generation

In this section, you will learn how to develop a sales pipeline using digital channels. Our experts will train you on case studies and live projects to generate leads for any business verticals. As you know every business needs customer and we will make you master in this art.

Whether it is social media, search engine optimization, pay per click or facebook advertising we will leave no stone unturned to make this module effective and productive.

6. Display Advertising and Facebook ads 

Display adverting is good for both raising awareness and lead generation. In this section, you will learn contextual targeting, placement targeting, topic targeting and the best practices for optimizing the display campaign.

Apart from display marketing, you will learn the best practices for advertising through facebook. Learn how to use power editor, targeting capabilities, Facebook analytics, and optimization.

7. Storytelling

Storytelling is the backbone of every marketing strategy. You have seen many TV ads, radio ads, and banner ads as well. You cant remember every ad. Here is the role of storytelling comes. A great storytelling can increase the retention of your potential customer.

Storytelling process is used to connect with an audience. These are the emotional superglue that connects with visitors via a message. Learning key areas of storytelling and copywriting techniques can help your brand to stand out from others.

Tell a story, Make it true. Make it compelling. And make it relevant.

Apart from Storytelling in this section, you will learn how to plan a budget for an advertising campaign. At the same time, you will learn how to define typical expenses for common marketing channels.

8. Retention and Engagement

Customer retention is one of the key metrics for many business verticals. It can be increased by planning the lifecycle marketing strategies, content mapping, and successfully executing email marketing campaigns.

Creating a remarketing list, retargeting campaign, Winback tactics and tracking with metrics and KPIs is always a necessary step. By doing it effectively can do revolutionary change the user engagement, conversion, and Retention.

9. Acquisition & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

In this section, you will learn the best practices for user experience, how the onsite marketing works. Apart from that, you will master in Functionality and effectiveness of landing page.

A/B Tests are always conducted for to find an area of improvement and in Digital advertising it has a very crucial role. Once you get expert hands on A/B testing and experiment, you can easily find out the potential outcomes, benefits, and risks of each change in your advertising campaign. All these topic can’t be covered in a single course, so please ask Digital marketing course fees, training modules and trainers qualification before enrolling.

10. Marketing strategy

This is one of the key things which make you stand out from a crowd. strategy creation and its execution is the key thing for any marketer.  In this section, you will understand how to plan, how to set deadlines and how to review the progress of online advertising campaign.

Skills & Digital Marketing Tools

  • Google Webmaster tool –

GWT is also known as Google Search Console it allows site owners to check website status, indexing, crawling, and any form of Google’s policy violation. GSA can help you to monitor the site’s traffic, keyword’s ranking, and other metrics. A webmaster can also use GSA to create content, and identify which keyword is likely to target for a given page.

Below are some key things which can help to improve the SEO strategy –

  1. HTML Improvements
  2. Content Keywords
  3. Structured Data
  4. Data Markup Helper
  5. Sitemaps
  6. Removing URL’s

This tool can help you to prioritize SEO improvement efforts. I encourage you to explore the GSC in above 6 ways so that you can implement the effective and result oriented On-Page SEO.

  • Google Analytics –

You have a website, and getting a tone of traffic. If you are not analyzing the traffic and behavior of user than you can improve your sales revenue. In such scenario, the role of Google analytics become Pivotal. below are some key things, why you use Google analytics from today-

  1. It is Free to use (standard version)
  2. Easy to use interface.
  3. Real-time visitor tracking
  4. Easy to integrate with other Google products ( Webmaster, adword, Adsense etc)
  5. Visualization of Data

You can get expert hands-on analytics and appear for Google analytics certification exam. The exam is Free, once you clear the exam you become a Google recognized analytics professional.

  • Google Keyword Planner –

Yet another free tool of Google, specifically designed to help the advertiser to choose the most beneficial keyword for their marketing program. You can see the search volume of the desired keyword, their average bidding, and also you can analyze the competition.

  • Google Adsense –

Yet another tool of Google, specific for Publisher.  It is a contextual advertising program which allows a publisher to run ads on blog/website, and videos. Whenever a visitor clicks on those advertisements the publisher gets paid. You can integrate webmaster tool, Google analytics, and Google Adsense to optimize your revenue.

If you have a blog or website, and not using any monetization platform then Google AdSense is for you. below I am sharing some points, which will make you use Google Adsense for monetization.

  1. Easy to start
  2. Very Few Restrictions
  3. Robust Reporting
  4. Optimization Tools
  5. Incredible Network
  6. Great Payouts
  7. Global Monetization

In Digital Marketing program you will  –

  1. Gain expertise in website optimization, Facebook advertising, paid to advertise,
  2. Learn to develop a digital marketing plan for organic and paid advertising strategies.
  3. Find the key performance indicator for your business and create marketing content.
  4. Google search console, and analytics to find new growth opportunities
  5. Latest Competitor Analysis tools to outrank the competition.

Course duration for Digital Marketing Training Program

  1. Fast Track Training Program (4+ hours daily)
  2. Regular Classes (Morning, Daytime & Evening)
  3. Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

 The Big Picture!

digital-marketing-careerThe Internet is evolving day by day, So the Digital Marketing is. The skills, expertise along with the awareness of the change in a market can make a huge difference in your Digital Marketing Career.  Most organizations are shifting their traditional marketing budget to Digital Marketing.

This skill is in trend, you can use these cutting-edge techniques and platforms to market products and services. As a result, you will become a driver of company’s Bottom line.

Be a part of an industry which is in Top 10 skills of 2018 that can get you hired globally.

I hope now you get some idea about digital marketing course fees, will beneficial for you. If you are looking for internet marketing institute near Noida then you can visit Digital marketing course in Noida.

If you have any suggestion or need editing regarding the fees details, then feel free to mail us at –

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