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  • 7th November, 2016

What is 301 Redirect? How To Create 301 & 302 Redirect?

Difference Between 301 and 302 Redirect: Complete Guide

When you are moving from one place to another and forget to inform your near and dear ones about the same, in that case, if anybody comes to your old address for some important work, they will not able to find you. Acknowledging people about your whereabouts are very important, as it makes sure that you don’t miss anything important sent to you at your old address.

It is same in the case of your online address, if you’re moving your stuff from one URL to another, you should always ensure to take some alternative step that your customers and visitors don’t face any trouble to find your website and they get directed to the right place. Redirecting from one URL to another is technically called a 301 redirect.

A 301 redirect is a process, which comes to action when the site’s URL is changed for any reason, in order to maintain a website’s domain authority and search rankings. When you apply this technique on your website, it will take your visitors and search engines to your new online address from one they requested.

Here, in this article we’ll cover aspects of 301 redirect, when and why should you use them.

What Is  301 Redirect?

A 301 redirect is a term used when you redirect your old URL to the new one permanently. Here in this process, the users who visit our old website are sent to a different URL than the one they originally requested or selected from a search engine results page.

Let’s understand it with an example. Here are two URL mentioned below, which will land the visitor in the same online address.


This only happens because the website owner has implemented 301 redirect techniques. So, when the user request for any of these URLs, they are redirected to same web page

When and why should we setup a 301 Redirect?

Let’s check out some reasons to set up a 301 redirect.

  1. To  link common web agreement (http://, www., etc.) to one URL to improve the domain authority
  2. When a website owner is not satisfied with brand name and want to rename a website with a different URL
  3. Pages that are moved.
  4. When showing 404 errors and content which is expired.

In some cases like, when a brand wants to change its company and brand name, a 301 redirect is one stop technique, which helps the owner to maintain the power of inbound links to the original URL on the new domain. Moreover, it also helps the users to land up at right web address what they’re looking for.

What’s the difference between 301 and 302 redirect?

Making not so complicated, I would like to tell you there are many advantages of a 301 permanent redirect over a temporary redirect. I am saying this because of strong reasons!! You know, when you set up 301permanent redirects, the website is able to maintain its search rankings and prevent any plunge in search traffic. But, in the case of 302 redirects, all your efforts you put to improve the ranking are wasted.

Note: Permanent Redirects passes its 90-99% link juice to the redirected page.

But it some cases 302 temporary .htacess redirects is preferable when a site is under maintenance process and users are required to be redirected to a different domain.

Now you know what is redirects and when to use them. Now we are going to tell you how to set up 301 redirects step by step.

  • In most of the cases, we set up a redirect with text file names as a .htacess file.
  • You can easily find this file in your root directory near where your home page exists.
  • Before placing in your root directory don’t forget the naming of your file. You have to name the file .htacess.
  • After finding the root directory path, then drop the .htacess file in your root directory.
  • After all done then the most important part comes, copy the 301 code and put it in your root directory and upload it.
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