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Dancing is one of the best ways to boost your feelings, it gives you a chance to take yourself away from the world for a while. Learning new dance moves not only gives confidence also gives the incredible sense of accomplishment and it reflects on day to day life. In Dance Classes in Delhi, you will learn techniques and footwork. The dancing tips which you will get from our instructor will surely facilitate aspiring young dancers.

These dance classes are for the person of all ages from kid to a mature person, because dancing rejoices the lifestyle. The cardio routine during the dance class enhances the lifestyle as well as fitness. Whether you are a novice or have a basic understanding of dance moves, our instructor who has over a decade of professional dancing experience will guide you through latest techniques. We believe in utmost training and our instructor will leave no stone unturned to make you an expert dancer.


Dancing Classes

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In our dancing classes in Delhi, We teach multiple forms of dancing from boll wood to salsa. You can choose the dancing classes which attract you the most. Below are some dance forms and work out which are currently running. Start your dance training from Today.


By enrolling in Bollywood Dance classes in Delhi you will learn to perform in popular Bollywood songs. this dance form also includes bhangra, folk and a little bit of Hip-hop dance.

Bollywood Dance


Move your feet to the hottest dance form with B-Boying and Breaking dance classes. Learn complete breaking including a windmill, flare, air-flare, head spin, handstand, jackhammer, flip etc.

B-Boying and Breaking


Belly dancing is quite popular and especially youngsters have an affection to learn. This dance form is based on isolating body parts including stomach, hips, and shoulders.

Belly Dance


This Artistic dance is highly popular among youth where you will learn to use facial expression to convey the story. The moves in this dance form include bent knees, body swinging, jumps, and hops.

Contemporary Dance


It is one of the most eye-catching dance form, as a beginner you can start learning with locking, popping and lyrical hip hop. After that, you can practice the complex form of hip Hop dancing.

Hip Hop Dance


Improve your balance and poise with a popular salsa dance, it is a social couple dance form and a perfect ice breaker to meet new people and improves your walk and move.

Salsa Dance


Learn Tap dancing and mesmerize the audience by making sound with tap shoes hitting the floors. Our instructor will train you in both Jazz tap ad Broadway tap.

Tap Dance


It's the best dance form for celebrating and relaxing. This dance form covers Street Jazz, Funk Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Broadway Jazz which will give a cross-training skills to the dancers.

Jazz Dance

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Dancing attracts almost everyone, and there are many people who want to join the dance classes to enhance their talent. Although there are many prominent dance academies in Delhi, but our wide range of dance classes makes us special. The other benefit of pursuing your dance passion with us are listed below

What Our Happy Students Say

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  • I have completed my one-year dance training last month, and I appreciate the friendly and welcoming environment of dance classes, that help me to pursue my passion for dance. Throughout the year instructor has helped me work on my skills and achieve my goals.

    dance-class-delhiShankar Arora
  • Thank you for making me a dancer, thank you for careful training & helping me to chase my dreams. I always dreamed of being a professional dancer, and under the guidance of the skilled instructor, my wish is now fulfilled.

    dance-class-delhiSheema Pal
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